29 Comments on “RWW News: Robertson: ‘Termites’ In Obama Admin Destroying America”

  1. What may be the worst thing about it is that Conservatives have left gaping
    holes in the house allowing the termites to get in and do their thing.
    Where can one go for better than what the Right and Left have to offer in
    our ever challenging life and world?

  2. Hey, Pat, how are your blood-diamond mines doing??
    Do America a huge favor and drop dead.

  3. Fucking stunning… You do know that there are yards of cable and 15
    operators required to run this antiquated robot?

  4. Yeah. Why can’t we be more like China, where cooporations are so unfettered
    by the state that workers are kept for 14+hour work days making pennies on
    the dollar & in such sweatshop conditions they’re put under suicide watch!?
    Unionize? No. Suicide Net. Get back to work, slaves.

  5. Naive, stupid or crazy? Robertson says that the government/Obama is
    responsible for the shift of jobs overseas? Really? Those corporations
    looking for cheap labor don’t have anything to do with that?

  6. It’s the child labor regulations that are holding back big business. Right,

  7. Robertson has no problem with his diamond mine business. And of course his
    afterlife insurance company is doing just fine.

  8. The termites are a problem, but the woodpeckers are also an issue, however
    I do agree fully with Pat where he says that they are putting “sand in the
    ears of all kinds of things”. wtf did i just watch

  9. Yea dam regulations…like those forcing US corporations to export millions
    of north American jobs to China… So that your rich billionaire friends
    could make even more money exploiting this new natural resource called
    extreme foreign poverty… Dam regulations indeed… The US don’t need
    enemies abroad when having public figures like this fascist cadaver.

  10. While Pat is complaining about too many regulations, China is taking steps
    to improve its environmental regulations. So just as China seeks to
    improve, America launches a race to the bottom.

  11. Hundreds and hundreds of regulations, like not putting lead in the paint
    used on childrens toys, or not using child labour, or even slave labour
    like they do in blood diamond operations.
    Are the citizens of the Untied States *proud* to be involved in a race to
    the bottom?

  12. ROTFLMAO! Did he just say small business and major corporation in the same
    sentence?! AAAAaaaaaaHAHAHAHAHA! Oh wait did he just say the Obama
    Administration are termites?! Hey old man who fault is it that we do
    business with China in the first place? Im pretty sure Nixon started that
    whole affair. I want to know how much this fool gets paid to brainwash and
    lie on TV.

  13. Is it just me, or does he sound like Elmer Fudd these days? I seriously
    thought he died back in the late 90s and when I heard him crop up on this
    channel a few years ago and wasn’t looking at the screen, I thought there
    was a senile, fanatical Elmer Fudd impersonator. Love the robot comment
    below too, lol.

  14. Not to mention those darn restrictions on the trade with blood diamonds,
    right Pat!

  15. Yes….business is having horrific obstacles that’s why the top 1% have
    seen a 250% + increase in income while the workers income, who made that
    increase happen, is flatlined. Poor rich bastards. 

  16. And here I thought televangelists were the termites. After all they pray on
    belivers and convince them that the more money you send the more God can
    hear your prayers Right? Just imagine the millions he pulls in on false

  17. so this asshole gets to pay no taxes due to religious purposes and this is
    the bullshit that comes out of his face? and these are the same stupid
    fuckers who bitch about the IRS investigating their tax free status…gee I
    wonder why they would do that? idiots

  18. Pat knows how to put people to work…just look at the African diamond mine
    he owns. His employees get to work 18 hours a day for little pay and no
    benefits. That’s how you make a Goddamn profit.

  19. I think termites have been feasting on this blockheads brain of saw dust
    for years.

  20. Your god does not care about the USA .Where is it written that he does and
    what makes American Christians so freaking special? Cause you say so?

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