42 Comments on “RWW News: Starnes: Man-Dog Marriage Result Of Gay Rights”

  1. Let’s suppose it *IS* “anything goes”…and?

    I mean, nobody is marrying their dog; digs can’t legally consent. Same with
    So you’re pretty much limited to adult humans.

    And the problem is…?

  2. I’ve also said this before but it still works: Todd Starnes looks so much
    like the main character from Human Centipede 2 full sequence! Starnes
    focuses more on sandpaper masturbation than his fictional counterpart. 

  3. This is like when there is talk about lowering the speed limit from 70 to
    65, these people will say what are we going to do when it goes to zero and
    we just have to sit in our cars on the highway, same logic.

  4. A dog can’t hire lawyers and take all your chit, marrying your DOG may be
    the way to go!

  5. do these gluttons and charlatans even realize that their arguments and
    paranoia is the same as it was with interracial marriage and black
    rights?! it’s rehashed diatribe from the 60’s. good christ, they are so

  6. Marriage has been redefined countless times before you spaz – and last time
    I checked, dogs cant consent to marry someone.

  7. Until a dog can speak and has the ability to sign its name on a contract,
    human-dog marriages won’t be legal. There’s this thing called informed
    consent. You might want to look it up.

  8. marriage has been constantly changing. Allowing gay marriage changes
    nothing whatsoever.

    The dog argument is nothing but an absurd insult, and they know it. An
    animal cannot consent to marriage.

  9. Anyone know if Todd Starnes is married? Seems like that would already
    constitute a form of bestial marriage.

  10. What fuck do these idiots not understand about TWO consenting ADULTS!
    Animals can not consent nor can children!

  11. Does the blond want to marry her dog? She brought it up, must have been on
    her miniscule mind. Don’t think its gonna work out. Beastality thing. But,
    then, maybe she is into it. Most right wingers are. They talk about it so
    Redefining marriage? The union of two consenting adults is still valid.
    They are redefining marriage by singling out a male/female union only, 

  12. 1) How do we verify that the animal is consenting to marriage? 2) Who gives
    a shit if the man and animal love each other? How does that effect you?
    They make each other happy, which is fine by me.

  13. The reverse gay rights slippery slope fallacy: If the 19 states that
    currently allow gay marriage redefine it to exclude gays the only possible
    outcome is an eventual ban on all marriage. 

  14. Same-sex marriage has been legal on the federal level in Canada since 2005.
    They have yet to see a man-dog marriage.

  15. What’s fucking AMAZING is that they really, truly believe, inside their
    heads, that this is a valid argument. They honestly think this is a
    compelling rebuttal to consenting, human adults entering in a relationship.
    It’s fucking difficult to grasp, because it’s impossible for anyone with
    half a brain to regress their intellect far enough for the horseshit
    spewing out of these people’s mouths to make any god-damned sense. Complete

  16. Right because a dog can give consent. What a prick. And what a moron – the
    blonde on the right. She, by the way, has not read her Bible: 1 Timothy
    2:9, 1 Peter 3:3. But that’s not surprising. Few to no Christians take the
    time to actually read their bible. 

  17. Wow. These people are dumb as stumps. Dogs or any animal (Other than
    humans) can’t legally consent. Nor can your car, mirror, house, etc…
    etc… etc…

  18. Hasn’t marriage been redefined over the decades? Cheeky bunch of idiots
    comparing gay marriage to dog shaggers. Dumb bitches.

  19. Animals cannot consent. Are you seriously bringing up this argument as you
    do-all end-all for LGBT rights?

  20. When it comes to attacking freedom of choice leave it to Republicans to
    come up with an idiotic nonsense like gay marriage lead to people wanting
    to marry their dog, LOL. And these fucking idiots are allowed to run this
    country. I feel sorry for America.

  21. These people act like marriage has never been redefined. Marriage has been
    redefined MANY MANY times.

  22. he does seem to have an interest in being able to marry his dog, he sure
    does talk about it a lot

  23. Damn, Rachel Lamb looks likes she’s ready to party! I guess they are
    dropping that whole “women must dress modestly” thing.

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