40 Comments on “RWW News: Starnes: Pastors Will Go To Jail Due To Gay Rights”

  1. The government is not coming for pastors. The Canadian hate crime laws are
    much different from the laws that we have here. If the troglodytes from the
    WBC are still spewing their hate on the streets…you’ll be fine.

  2. So despite the fact that religious organizations thumb their nose at the
    law requiring them to remain politically neutral in order to maintain their
    tax exempt status knowing full well that this law would never be upheld in
    this political climate, they think they’re somehow going to get their tax
    exempt status revoked if gays get rights?

  3. There are two problems with what he said.
    #1: Churches will never be forced to perform marriages they don’t want to
    because the First Amendment protects churches from government intrusion.
    #2: YOU ARE NOT BEING PERSECUTED! Not being able to discriminate based on
    your religious beliefs, not being able to compel others to follow or
    acknowledge your religious beliefs and having those beliefs mocked, derided
    and ridiculed is NOT persecution. That’s the price of living in a SECULAR
    country where we protect people’s right NOT to have someone else’s
    religious edicts shoved down their throats.

  4. If he wanted to be persecuted for his religious beliefs he’d move to china,
    that’s why he lives in America. Pastors will be imprisoned due to gay
    rights. Double talk much? 

  5. How many pastors have gone to jail in states where gay marriage is allowed?
    None, oops. Maybe someone didn’t get the memo.

  6. Cite one example, Starnes, just one, of a Christian pastor in America being
    beaten up because he was a Christian pastor.

  7. Todd Starnes has been made delusional and paranoid by his belief in da
    Lawd. Struck stupid by Jesus, Praise!!

  8. oh yeah, you poor fuck, the victim card .”don’t attack me” Oh boo hoo

    Search in America
    “muslim girl get attacked on her way to mosque”
    “Gay teens attacked on their way to school.”
    “Children attacked by pedophile clergy.”
    “Colored people attacked ,,,anywhere” but especially in the christian
    South of the pre 70s.
    And more,,
    I’m sure we’ll hear more of this crap in the future. 

  9. Sick homophobes and self-hating situational-straights hate peddlers need
    to be held accountable. You want the freedom to violate the human rights of
    gays and lesbians. Get with civilization you evil creepy monsters.

  10. I’m imagining a future with that fat gut with a gay bigot sign similar to
    Bruce Willis in Die Hard with a Vengeance.

  11. Name one instance where that’s happened in another country with a good gay
    rights record then we’ll talk Starnes. 

  12. In Holland same sex marriages were legalized in 2001, The only pastors that
    have gone to jail since where those convicted of sexual child abuse.

  13. Daystar…perfect. The scam station of Marcus and Joni Lamb, two longtime
    shysters who have bilked millions out of the ignorant and illiterate and
    enriched themselves and their family. These fucking crooks are pals with
    Benny Hinn and Mike Murdoch, the blonde there is his wife, and John Hagee.
    Crooks, con men and thieves. Need I say more? 

  14. Todd Starnes… Hmmmmm…
    Does anyone remember the movie with Ned Betty called “Deliverance”? 

  15. I’m so glad I’m an atheist so I don’t get discriminated against. Those
    christians have got it tough. No representation in politics, having only
    70-75% of the population that believe the same fairy tale as they do…
    Must be rough being so persecuted! 

  16. I found PEDO BEAR!!!!!!!! damn now if only we had gun rights in the UK I
    could fucking kill him! damn it 

  17. Not that it isn’t a likely possibility, because gays will use the power
    they have and will gain to do such things all in the name of “freedom”, but
    then again this whole thing is becoming a fight between two extremes: NOT
    extreme good versus extreme evil, BUT Christian extremism versus sexual
    diversity extremism, and both sides have shades of good and evil mixed in
    so there’s no real “good guys” in this fight.

  18. He says prosecution and loss of tax exempt status like it’s a bad
    thing….and BIGOTRY is not “LOVE” asshole.

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