29 Comments on “RWW News: The Benham Brothers Are Ready To Step Into The Octagon And Defeat Satan”

  1. WOOO, these guys are CUCKOO
    They’ll use their imaginary friend jesus to kick the ass of their imaginary
    enemy stan! (the devil thought “Satan” sounded too medieval, and now goes
    by “Stan”)

  2. Dear fucking god… There is so much stupidity in that statement that
    frankly, I don’t know where to begin. So what they’re saying is, they’ll
    put on a wedding dress for Christ? That’s all I got from that.

  3. And next week on WWF

    The Benham Brothers shall meet Afa & Sika The Wild Samoans

    For the WWF tag team title!!!!

  4. “With our wedding gown on.” Are you suggesting cross-dressing? According to
    your own bable, isn’t cross dressing a sin? Just saying…

  5. Did he really just say he wants to wear a wedding dress with his combat
    boots? Is he going to war or a Pride Parade?

  6. This is something Bill Maher and I have talked about.
    Apparently god could snap his fingers at any given moment and eliminate
    Satan, sin, evil, fear, and everything.
    But he doesn’t, because then the story is over and there is no conflict.

  7. Interesting that all these xians are citing the particular line from the
    Star Spangled Banner having to do with rockets and bombs…

  8. Who are these guys and why do they claim the church of Christ is like
    rockets and bombs fighting for religious freedom? I can understand why HGTV
    took them off. They’re just plain creepy.

  9. That has got to be one of the most bizarre uses of metaphor I have ever

    I’d love to see it illustrated.

  10. So……he wants to wear a dress and combat boots? Risky fashion
    statement, but I say: Go for it!

  11. I want to step into your church with tannerite and a SAW… You pray
    you’ll be fine… we’ll see who wins.

  12. You’re going to put on your wedding gown and combat boots and fight satan
    in drag? Really disturbing mental image. High heels would be a better

  13. A wedding gown and combat boots? Sounds like someone fell asleep while
    M.A.S.H. was on. Either that or some kinky gay porn.

  14. I am visualizing a bride in a lacey, white gown wearing combat boots and
    carrying a bouquet of flowers surrounding her sword. Would this be a Xena
    Warrior Princess bridal line?

  15. sadly, these folks don’t know how scary they sound…I live in one of the
    most racist, Christian areas in the country(south of st Louis) and it is
    brainwash city.

  16. HGTV didn’t take your show away, they decided not to produce a show with
    you in it on their channel.

  17. It sounds like a lot of these theistic traitors are trying to give marching
    orders. Is treason okay if you hide it behind a buybull? 

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