30 Comments on “RWW News: Washburn: Gay Rights Put Pastors In Jail”

  1. “Pro-family issues”=”Discriminating against gays, minorities, Latino’s,
    illegals, immigrants, or anyone not us”

  2. Good! Jail is the best place for the homophobic, hate peddling, tax
    dodging, blood sucking, moochers on society.

  3. Seriously, do these people have any real thoughts or are they just
    unpopular zombies? These people are not followers of Christ, they are the
    exact opposites.

  4. It’s not illegal for you to exercise your free speech in political topics,
    but when you do it from the pulpit then we are just going to tax you. If
    this doesn’t make sens to you or you find it unfair, please realize no one
    cares. Maybe if your pederast priest could unglue little Jimmy from his
    cock long enough to make even a decent point, but at this stage you are
    basically saying;

    “You are bigots for not tolerating my bigotry.”

  5. This man is a witch doctor, a huckster and a confidence man. I don’t care
    what he says, because i don’t care what he thinks.

  6. “thousands of bible preachers pastors going to jail. i don’t think anyone
    wants to see that.” Funny, there are thousands of them out there now
    getting away with abuse, rape, incest, scamming, theft, and murder. Yeah,
    I’d love to see them all go to jail.

  7. They’re for families under straight marriage. So am I.
    I’m for families under same-sex marriage.

    I think that makes me more pro-family than they are.

  8. No one is going to be put in jail or executed for opposing or disagreeing
    with same-sex marriage. However, those who hold that belief will
    increasingly be marginalized until they only exist on the fringes of
    society, just like racists and misogynists. And that’s the way it should

  9. Good God!….When will these hateful fear mongers just shut up and do good
    works and care for others?
    Man, it would be nice for Christians to be known for their Love, peace and

  10. “We’ll see thousands and thousands of bible preaching pastors going to jail
    I don’t think anyone wants to see that”

    …Um, I kinda do! But to uphold liberty, we can’t exactly go doing that
    even if I am a bit of a jackass lol

  11. The level of denial in these people is so high. They know the challenges
    to their religion. If they use YouTube, they have. The fact that they
    don’t care what’s real, are willing to lie and just keep going – basically
    means they’ll step on other people while crying that they’re victims.
    These are pretty severe sociopaths.
    The sodomy laws once were, and we know what they want. They won’t get it,
    but they will in other countries.
    The kind of criminalization of Christianity they’re taking about isn’t
    impossible. You can see it in China or North Korea or Muslim countries.
    They are scared that what they do to people in Uganda and Russia could be
    done just as well to them.
    I think the point that needs to be hammered home is that they’re factually
    wrong, demonstrably so, and they know it. If they were to violate a hate
    speech law, it wouldn’t have been done out of sincere belief in the Bible,
    but out of dishonest desire.
    You could prosecute people in the business of evangelism for fraud. If a
    charity collects money by making false claims, they can go to jail. But
    religious fundraising isn’t held by the same standard. Is business fraud
    really protected by free speech?

  12. Pastors deserve to be in jail along with all the other con men selling
    snake oil and empty promises.

  13. WOW fear mongering much? Nobody’s taking away your right to hate speech in
    your church, you just can’t impose your “morality” on the rest of society. 

  14. These same fear mongers meanwhile cheer over gay people being locked up for
    being gay in countries like Uganda and Russia.

  15. It’s not “pro-family” what they preach. It’s

    It is hate speech, and we should continue to publicly shame the anti-family

  16. We can only hope that these bigots will shut the fuck up about their
    invisible sky daddy and become more tolerant of someone who.is different
    and doesn’t want to hear their shifty message.

  17. Talk about a persecution complex, no ones going to jail there fella, so
    just calm down. It’s called freedom of speech.

  18. No pastor will ever be jailed for having religious beliefs. If they are
    jailed it will be because they have committed criminal acts in the mistaken
    belief that the law does not apply to them “because god”. Up until 1967
    the bible and religious freedom was used to justify laws prohibiting mixed
    race marriage in *exactly* the same manner these same people seek to outlaw
    same sex marriage.
    If you don’t want to be part of a mixed race marriage then don’t marry
    somebody of a different race.
    If you don’t want to be part of a same sex marriage then don’t marry
    somebody of the same gender.
    it is as immoral to discriminate against people who choose to have mixed
    race marriage as it is to discriminate against those who don’t mix their
    genders in marriage.

  19. Well, they claim homosexuality leads to paedophillia. And paedophillia
    certainly puts lots of pastors in jail.

    Ysee what I did there?

  20. I WANT TO SEE THAT!! You DO deserve a timeout if you are spreading lies
    about a lake of fire, talking snakes, people that lived 900 years, virgin
    births, “global” floods survived only by a physically impossible boat, etc.

  21. First off, their press release reinforces the news headline that linked it,
    they’re afraid of being locked up.

    Second, that guy on the left in the red tie? Yea, Jonathan Saenz. He’s
    going to kill your campaign when people find out he began his anti-gay
    crusade after his wife divorced him for another woman.

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