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  1. shes right, if only the parents would listen to the ones who are
    different. GOD sees our hearts, if only selfish blind people would know

  2. Thanks Sally Ann! My mum accepts and love me too. Some day there will be
    more and more parents who accepts its children as the best of the world!
    Thanks Sally for your words full od love.

  3. ALL GAYS SHOULD BE SHOT AT BIRTH Is something my teacher used to say…..
    He was featured in a scandal about shagging pupils, in the biggest UK
    newspaper. So yeah fuck him, the paedo.

  4. She is so beautiful inside and out anyone would be blessed to have a mother
    like Sally.

  5. Sally Field, What A Lady! And … hearing her nail “So The Fuck What” –
    precisely the way those four words are intended to be delivered …
    Fabulous. It does seem that more and more of the “Go Along To Get Along” –
    allies of our LGBT community are finally stepping out as they realize, go
    along to get along doesn’t make a difference. Not to say Sally is of this
    segment of allies .. not at all.

  6. One of my favourite actresses! What a darling. THANK YOU for many hours of
    absolute pleasure Sally. Love & LIGHT, ~Durban ~ South Africa~

  7. Sally, I have ALWAYS been a fan of yours, but now, I consider you an icon,
    and Sam is SO lucky to have such a wonderful, and giving person, as his
    mother……You brought tears to my eyes…

  8. Its time for moms like this to come forward like Sally Fields did here.
    Allies to help end this war religious fundamentalists have waged against

  9. Thank YOU Sally Field for sharing the words that so many parents feel in
    their hearts about their Beautiful, Wonderful & Loving Gay children. Anita

  10. I’m very sad for you! Obviously you had a mother who taught you hate and
    bigotry! A mother who taught you to be crass and obnoxious. A mother who
    should never have brought a child into this world. I guess as they say, the
    apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. You must be jealous that your mother
    didn’t feel about you that Sally felt about Sam. Release the hate or it
    will eventually destroy you!

  11. i have loved Ms sally for many many years. she is just the most beautiful
    person to me. to those that may remember.” i am putting the metal to the
    pedal “. to Mrs fields. there should be more wonderful people in the world
    like you. you are just the best. scottie

  12. a mother is not someone you lean on ….a mother is someone who makes
    leaning unnecessary….

  13. What a heart-warming and honest speech. Bravo to Sally! And 3:03 is my
    favourite line of the speech. =p

  14. The ones who preach the loudest, are usually if not ALWAYS, the very thing
    they preach against.

  15. Early in the speech she seems to, but she goes on to say that her gay son
    beat her straight son at Tennis, and did learn more about basketball than
    either of them, etc. I think she was talking more about the perception that
    gay men can’t be masculine that even gay teenagers can fall victim to. She
    wasn’t confirming that her son, by being gay, couldn’t be as into sports as
    her other sons.

  16. please tell my mom this. as she has not been there for many years. and i
    miss her so much.

  17. Guaranteed to bring tears to your eyes. watch?v=F7PFdF3J0TE Sometimes the
    very simplest observations are the most meaningful.

  18. GOD BLESS YOU SALLY too bad all mothers can not see the light of being
    there for their sons and daughters

  19. OMG! This video was so touching. She is a great mother, and many parents
    who stand by their children should be commended just as Sally should be for
    standing by her son Sam. Well done Sally!!!!!!

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