6 Comments on “Scabby The Rat”

  1. Back when businesses owners could just hire the Pinkertons to gun down
    striking employees, unions were a necessity. Now with all the worker
    protection laws on the books, I see no need for unions.

  2. You know I have never stolen anything outside of candy bars as a kid. But
    damn it, I will consider stealing that rat. So cool. Symbolic speech indeed.

  3. A lost cause. Scabs with crumbs. Maybe the giant rat shouldn’t be made to
    look evil. Maybe there should be two rats. One ignorant. The other,
    desperate and hungry. Which is just the thing unions know greedy employers
    look for. But like I said, a lost cause.

  4. I see the rat here and there in NYC for various reasons. I kind of want to
    get a bunch of people to dress up like sheep and walk around the
    Abercrombie and Fitch store. How to film it would be another issue.

  5. @Meta Sage G’day… Um, well… In the arseparts, that there, it were a tad
    too fat, to depict a good Rat… Are ye sure now, are you ; was it not,
    more likely, a Surrealistic Kanga-bloody-roo ? ;-p Ciao !

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