45 Comments on “Scott: Gay Marriage Leads To Eiffel Tower Marriage”

  1. ha ha aha ahahahahahahah … this really makes me sooo speechless …
    hahahahaahhaaha .. i have no more comments on this stupidity ..

  2. The Eiffel Tower does not know what marriage is and is about – or any other
    legal contract, for that matter – and is not legally competent to enter
    into a legal contract. Neither are children and animals. Please stop making
    these stupid arguments. They are hurting the battle against the advancement
    of Gay Rights. Or, please continue making these stupid arguments. They are
    hurting the battle against the advancement of Gay Rights.

  3. She’s right. I’m thinking, “This woman is nuts”, but then she works for
    Michelle Bachmann, so it all makes sense.

  4. It’s not her being against gay marriage that makes her look nuts, it’s just
    these “facts” she is giving. We’re human beings, we’re allowed to love and
    lust after one another. How that would make one find the Eiffel Tower
    sexually attractive is beyond me.

  5. Doesn’t she know that someone already attempted to marry the Eiffel Tower?
    Objective-sexuals do not mean they are Gay/Straight/anything else! As for
    Polyamorous people being anything other than Heterosexual also has no
    connection whatsoever and if she had any facts to support anything she said
    I might *might* take what she says seriously…but like anything coming out
    of the mouth of Mrs Bachmann or anyone working for her, it is baseless,
    inane drivel

  6. How do idiots like this remember to breathe? All these folks who want to
    “tie things back in” to some absurd theological proposition . . . well, you
    can see them groping for a moment of cogent insight. But it’s not there.
    Never will be. The bitch is a moron and some are saying Bachmann acolyte.
    So be it. Peas in a pod.

  7. If people want to “marry” objects then that’s their business, not mine.
    Inanimate objects are not consenting adults. They will not say “yes I love
    you and want to be with you forever”. They will not support you
    (figuartively that is) nor be dependant on you. It will not visit you at
    the hospital if you are sick or dying. It also will not be obliged to raise
    your kids with you. How exactly is being against this the same exact thing
    as being against same-sex marriage?

  8. Yea…when a tower or any other object, or animal for that matter can say
    “i do”, then ill conceed the point.

  9. I don’t know, that Eiffel Tower is pretty damn sexy…Erika Eiffel is one
    lucky gal 😉

  10. i’m really amused by american politicians………….. why are they so
    stupid?!! How the hell do you guys pick them?! Surely and truly, they’re
    gonna make a name for themselves with stupidity as their middle name. After
    watching this i don’t think i can take american politics seriously. Frankly
    speaking it’s a joke now with all those tea parties. I kinda pity the

  11. This is really insulting. You cannot marry objects or animals, they can’t
    even sign a marriage contract nor have a social standing. You cannot marry
    things. Its very insulting that they would think that would be an outcome
    if gays get marry. Its stupid, are people getting stupier by the day?

  12. Yes & Erika La Tour Eiffe (her name btw) got stuck – they had to cut 12″
    off the top of the tower, I told her to use lube but Erika being Erika
    didn’t listen. Shes now completely cockeyed. however Erika did wear a
    safety harness, hard hat and hi-vis jacket ..as its advisable to always
    practice safe sex.

  13. But the Eiffel Tower can’t consent to that marriage! No one is asking for
    non-consensual unions (unless your 16 year old gets knocked up because she
    doesn’t know about birth control. oh. wait. That is you guys who want to
    force that kind of marriage)

  14. Yeah, that woman exists. She’s also mentally ill. I think you might also be
    mentally ill so you’re not one to talk.

  15. This woman is NUTS! <--she said it first, not me 😛 she may be referencing a true article or whatever, but that can't be used for the basis of all lgbt community.

  16. Poly and Mory? Does she mean poly-amorous relationships? Back to the point.
    When that object can give consent, i.e. grow a central nervous system, a
    brain, and the ability to speak, then its ok to marry the Eiffel tower. But
    only if the Eiffel tower consents. Otherwise its rape.

  17. Things I thought I would never say: “The Eiffel Tower can’t consent to

  18. I think this lady has it backwards. It’s obvious Eiffel Tower marriages
    lead to gay marriage.

  19. oooh yeah, this woman really should go back in the kitchen but with that
    kind of – “”arguments”” – she is just saying: “hey there, i´m stupid”

  20. Gosh, why so many dislikes? Do people realize that this channel isn’t
    actually expressing the views made by these nutjobs? They are putting it up
    here as a civil service.

  21. This woman thinks of the largest phallic object she can imagine to marry.
    Freud is strong with this one.

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