40 Comments on “Scott Walker: Gay Marriage Ban Part of ‘Healthy Balance’ of LGBT Rights”

  1. Before WE make any decision(s) regarding Gay Marriage we need first to
    decide if Marriage is a Religious Bond acknowledged by ceremony OR a Legal
    Commitment bound by Contract. Let’s review; (1) the US Government provides
    tax breaks for married people, (2) a Marriage License is required to get/be
    married, (3) the “ObamaCare” insurance plan offers cheaper rates than
    those offered to unmarried people, (4) the US Military provides a plethora
    of benefits not available to unmarried people, Mmmm, I guess we’ve already
    made that choice! So, why are we having this conversation,.. again? Are
    we trying to see how much more of our tax dollars we can waste rather than
    than using the money and time to… I don’t know, fix our fucking economy?
    Why does anyone give a two shits and a damn if I wanna marry my
    “boyfriend”? Everyone really needs to keep their noses out of other
    people’s business. I know, I know… Christians get whipped into a froth
    if they think anyone is doing something that I’m sure most of them would do
    if they weren’t so, “godly!” Hypocrites!

  2. He’s just jealous I get more pussy then he does. That’s why he doesn’t want
    me to marry a woman.

  3. That sounds like someone trying to defend Black Crowe laws. “It is a
    balance of rights. Blacks should not be slaves, but they also should be
    kept separated from whites, and constantly reminded of their inferior

  4. The only problem I have with Gay Marriage is when I’m not invited, and
    that’s probably it. I’d bring great cakes man. And schnitzel. Can’t go
    wrong with Schnitzel 

  5. Wow, having anti-discrimination laws while at the same time discriminating
    the very same people by denying them the same rights as others is a fair
    Buffering… buffering… buffering…
    Due to lack of logic this program is shutting down.

  6. “Healthy balance”?? He’s using the same definition of balance used by FOX
    in their old slogan, “Fair and Balanced”.
    When you attempt to disguise your intentions with such language, it
    indicates you know you’re being dishonest.

  7. Not being able to visit your loved one in the hospital with spousal
    visitation rights and losing custody of your children after the death of a
    loved one because the law doesn’t see you as married = ‘healthy balance.’

    Go fuck yourself, Walker.

  8. Apparently Mr Walker missed that episode of Star Trek: the Next Generation
    “The Measure of a Man”. Savagely curtailing the rights of others while
    expanding the rights of some is not justice.

  9. I think all what Scott Walker thinks about is how he can deep through a big
    azz man lolipop. That’s why he does want them to marry and commit to one
    another so he can get some buff man hole to chow down on and eat out…
    YUMMMEEEE!!! Since we are at it can we ban let see hum ugly people from
    marring too in the name of keeping America beautiful?, Can we also ban Fat
    people from getting married too? lets say keep it under 175 lbs, hum what
    else can we ban lets see…

  10. This is nothing pandering to the stupid, old fundie christian bigots that
    make America a social embarrasment to the rest of the 1st world nations.

  11. I’ll suggest that he enjoys the balance of having a wife and a secret
    boyfriend. I have no evidence, however. I also loathe the idea that a guy
    would stoop so low as to get that close to him. He can go balance himself
    on a tight rope between two tall buildings in different cities as far as
    I’m concerned.

  12. So according to this guys logic, we should ban Heterosexual marriage in an
    equal portion of states, I mean we want a healthy balance of Heterosexual
    couples.. Right?

  13. Yes, and a ban blacks from white lunch counters was a healthy balance to
    black civil rights, a ban on women voting was a healthy balance to women’s
    civil rights, and a ban on atheists from holding public office positions is
    a healthy balance of separation of church and state. Just more shit from
    the willfully ignorant.

  14. Of course, balance and constitution where convenient. He doesn’t believe in
    balance on gun rights. He’s up there with the Cruz, Bachman gang whose
    agenda is to bring us backward 100 years. These scumbags have no place in
    modern politics. The right screams constitution then has no regard to
    liberty and justice for all. A world of white Catholic based straight
    people are their goal. Sounds like a certain well known German from the
    1930’s and 40’s! 

  15. How can Scott walker claim he’s not at least bisexual? I know for a fact he
    sucks a lot of cock. Daily, he’s sucking off the Koch brothers, Exxon ceos,
    etc… He sucks a lot of cock for a straight man.

  16. I’m not entirely sure David understand what rights are. They’re just
    opinions backed up by guns. That’s all.

  17. I misspoke below: The role of government is not to “insure and protect the
    inalienable rights of citizens”, the role of government is to SECURE and
    protect the inalienable rights of citizen. The source is more from the
    Declaration of Independence and less from the US Constitution, although the
    concept is implied in the Preamble of the Constitution. 

  18. Well, obviously if gay people had the same rights as everybody else then
    they would have more rights than anybody else – perfectly logical GOP line
    of reasoning.

  19. I think his comment actually gives insight into his thinking.

    When he speaks of balance, he’s not talking about rights at all. What he’s
    referring to is the balance between interest groups. Gays get some of what
    they want, anti-discrimination laws, and xians get some of what they want,
    no SSM. That’s the balance he’s referring to.

    And it indicates that his perspective on issues is not about what’s legal,
    or right, or justified, it’s about what position will make the most
    lobbying groups happy.

  20. No one in the state likes this guy. He completely fucked over a good
    portion of the population and at the same time his wife spent close to a
    million dollars to renovate the governors mansions kitchen. Once hes done
    with his term he is going to be chased out of Wisconsin.

  21. Scott Walker does think mostly about big business, but as to re-election? I
    think it’s getting pretty clear that he wants to run for President on his
    record. In his world, this makes sense. In the real world, where Democratic
    Minnesota is kicking our economic asses and we are near the bottom with
    jobs (he promised 250,000 new jobs in four years–with one year left to go,
    he’s around 90,000, and is changing the subject), the idea that he wants to
    do for America what he did for Wisconsin is terrifying. As a life-long
    Badger, I have to say that this Republican governor and legislature is not
    what I know and love about my state.

  22. Scott Walker should be nowhere near public office. Denying others equal
    protection under the law for religious reasons/hate makes him a soulless
    hateful pile of shit…

  23. “Focus on the economic issues, no emphasis on social issues” <- the republican mantra... Because it isn't possible to do a little of both? Nope! Scare everyone that the economy is crashing and that only the patriotic exceptionalist mongoloid flag-wavers on the far right extreme can rescue the country from imminent embarrassment, probably by dubious means and by throwing you, the voter, under the bus. No time on their busy schedule to address this obvious discrimination, and the more of you that think "hey, the economy is more important, it affects me" the longer they can enjoy their status-quo.

  24. He is right! Just like when he implemented the Right to Work laws simply to
    “protect” unions!! STFU Walker. God, I can’t stand these sellout ass

  25. Well, he is right to some degree. whether or not it is balanced, it is ‘A’
    balance. It happens to be a balance where one scale is only a hair’s width
    off the ground, but that’s just the balance Scott wants.
    It’s wrong for sure. But to Scott, that is what balance is.

  26. Why can’t this “walker” just take a walk off some high building & save us
    all the grief of listening to his crap.

  27. For someone who was basically black balled from Marquette U. and could not
    pass basic college courses and who Marquette will never invited back as
    governor, I find it difficult to even listen to this bimbo fool!

  28. Funny how they forget to talk about first or second amendment rights when
    they are saying limiting rights in any way is the same as slavery. 

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