32 Comments on “Scott Walker Staff Racist Anti-Gay Emails Leaked”

  1. that is just about how i would feel too….and i am a democrat…liberal as
    can be…but jew,gay, mexican and mamon….jaaaa that is a good one…

  2. Thats pretty funny emails that he strung together. Sometimes racist jokes
    are wrong, but funny too.

  3. All of this racist, bigoted shit from Walker and ‘his people’ only serves
    to raise him to the top of the GOP cesspool as a candidate for POTUS in

  4. I was going to say I was surprised they left some sort of jab at
    welfare/foodstamps off their list of horrors – but then I remembered they
    think that is a life of luxury

  5. Hahaha. They’re not racist or homophobic at all. Just because they’re from
    his email address doesn’t mean it was him.

  6. Stupid people will be stupid. You just have to look at them as obstacles
    because you can’t fix them. Only they can, and they don’t want to. :U

  7. If your not attracted to men ,there is absolutely no threat what so ever
    but if you secretly are, that’s when you feel the need for a restraining
    order so that your not tempted, but if within 500 feet look out, you might
    burst into a flamer? :O Nooooo,

  8. That was like an internet troll flinging as much shit against a wall trying
    to see if any of it sticks.

  9. Imagine the horror Scott Walker would experience if he he woke up one
    morning as a college-educated intellectual liberal atheist.

  10. Conservative ‘humor’ in a nutshell: ‘Ha ha ha! They’re DIFFERENT than us
    and therefore inferior! GET IT??? IT’S A LAUGH RIOT!’

  11. So? You all say, “we can’t judge if they have “true love”.” Well, you can
    if you can judge another on an opinion in comparison to an emotion that
    doesn’t exisit scientificly.

  12. Ya know, it would really help go toward people not viewing the republican
    party as being racist, sexist, and bigoted, if the republican party stopped
    being racist, sexist, and bigoted.

  13. A former bisexual sex-addict shares the TRUTH about homosexuality:

    The TRUTH about homosexuality (ex-bisexual sex-addict)

  14. Just because someone is on a receiving list of an email which describes the
    Democrat voter base in a humorous fashion, does mean they are racist or

    When did Progressives become anti-humor nazis?

  15. I’m not sure we should make hay out of every tasteless email that our
    political enemies write. It’s a bullsh!t joke to pass around, I hate Scott
    Walker, but really who doesn’t have some Republican neighbors, and
    therefore didn’t suspect that some of his staff would think that’s

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