15 Comments on “SCOTUS Sets Stage for Historic Gay Rights Ruling”

  1. why don’t you just marry your self! ((man, following man, worshiping man
    I love the only true God & He hates your filthy sins!

  2. I’m straight and PROUD TO BE STRAIGHT !


  3. wow 14 more states and usa will become 1 big faggot country hahaha SISSY

  4. This could be a real knockout blow to social conservatives in America that
    would sting for decades to come. Personally I just hope its a double blow
    of losing Texas and then America.

  5. Just call it marriage equality. Im gay but I think it’s tacky to say gay
    gay gay everything why ? 

  6. Come on guys certain store owners used to keep black peoples feet in pickle
    jars right on the countertop which is worse?

  7. I bet the pedophiles want the fourteenth amendment to be used in support of
    gay marriage more than the gays do.

  8. like if for
    us lovers to have rights
    (even tho i hate we have to have rights to do so but whatever we as humans
    can do)
    i am happy to been born pansexual

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