26 Comments on “Secretary Clinton’s Historic Speech on LGBT Human Rights – “Gay rights are human rights””

  1. October is LGBT History Month and this is one of my favorite speeches.
    When I stand on campus with my posters and flyers advocating for LGBT
    rights, people assume that I MUST be a lesbian. Why? “Gay rights are human
    rights and human rights are gay rights.” These rights are one and the
    same. I’m not simply advocating for gay rights, I’m advocating for human
    rights for all. #lgbt #equality

  2. If you haven’t seen/heard Hillary’s speech on Human Rights I highly
    recommend it.

  3. An excellent speech, especially since she didn’t shy away from our own
    shortcomings in the US.

  4. We can be so good sometimes – it makes the hypocrisy so much harder to deal
    with sometimes.

  5. This speech by Hillary Clinton is a tour de force – I feel humbled and
    moved. Put the kettle on, get comfy and settle down to watch a speech that
    every human being should hear.

  6. After the end of apartheid, South Africa strove to come up with the perfect
    new constitution, one that discriminated against no group. Thereafter, to
    the surprise of many, gay rights were also ensured. In freeing the
    majority, this heavily persecuted minority were also ‘accidentally’ freed
    too. The UN also set itself the guideline of equal rights for all and this
    week, in an astonishing speech, Hillary Clinton spoke to them about what
    human rights really mean. I think everyone, no matter their personal views,
    should watch this. http://youtu.be/MudnsExyV78

  7. *Gay rights are human rights and human rights are gay rights.*
    U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s speech on LGBT Human Rights to
    the U.N. Human Rights Council December 7th, 2011

    She’s right. No doubt about it.

  8. If you have not seen Secretary Clinton’s speech on LGBT Human Rights, you
    MUST take the time to listen and watch this speech. It is very touching,
    moving and thought provoking…..We are giddy that the whole concept is to
    preach LOVE and tolerance. MUCH love to you Madam Secretary!! Your
    OneGoodLove.com Team…..

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