30 Comments on “Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s Historic LGBT Speech – Full Length – High Definition”

  1. Go fuck yourself Hillary . Dead Americans at Benghazi are on your head. You
    will pay in the end. There is no escaping it. And it is coming down soon.
    You old ugly bastard.

  2. thanks xtra for making this video available to all mankind. so that every
    body would be able to watch what they have in the United Nation meeting
    concerning LGBT community. bless you all

  3. If this is the best America can come up with then we are doomed. Marxism
    has been the dominant cause of genocide in the last hundred years. Question
    those that proclaim there superiority over God.

  4. Apparently she should just summarize her whole speech in 10 seconds by
    “Yes, oral sex IS sex.”
    “But no, unless the genital involved is yours or your spouse’s, it’s none
    of your business to judge.”

  5. You have probably not listened to mrs Clinton’s speech or were too ignorant
    to understand it. Using bibletexts to violate peoples human rights is sick.
    The texts in Romans are directed against practices of other religions in
    Paul’s time. It was common in Greek and Rome temple to offer boys to have
    sex with to the male believers to honour the deity (and give the temple an
    income). It is about prostitution and other religions and not about
    committed gay relationships as we know them today.

  6. Except my sexuality provides a way for the human species to survive.
    Homosexual behavior cannot claim the same. Your attempt to equalize the two
    is a failure. And your prejudice has blinded you to the realities of
    unnatural behavior which is in fact chosen and a disorder.

  7. Peter Freiberg, “Study: Alcohol Use More Prevalent for Lesbians,” The
    Washington Blade, Jan 12, 01, p. 21.In a study of the medical records of
    1,408 lesbians, the journal Sexually Transmitted Infections found that
    women who have sexual relations with women are at significantly higher risk
    for certain sexually transmitted diseases: “We demonstrated a higher
    prevalence of bv (bacterial vaginosis), hepatitis C, and HIV risk behaviors
    in WSW as compared with controls. Who is ignorant?

  8. I won’t separate them as there is the person & the act. Sexual acts aren’t
    excuses-homosexual acts with its practises, bring/increase harm, disease &
    death. This behavior effects everyone I discern it as dangerous behavior
    due to medically documented facts to include AIDS, spread from the
    homosexual community, infecting people with a deadly disease & the blood
    supply.Now everyone has a problem! This abnormal behavior (LGBT) is a
    choice. BTW. I don’t hate those who decided to behave as a LGBT.

  9. and you’re aware that hemophiliacs and heroin users most often got AIDS
    through dirty needles or aids tainted blood. So instead of answering the
    questions you add other groups in who either contracted the disease though
    no fault of their own or are involved in a unhealthy life style. Which goes
    back to my original point about homosexuality being a bad and unhealthy

  10. Science doesn’t back your opinion. If a person who chooses to live a gay
    lifestyle abstains from homosexual sex, I assume they do so because they
    are aware that abstaining from homosexual sex is living a safer life style.
    I don’t reconcile that Jesus was gay. How do you reconcile that he was?

  11. Statistical facts do not support your assertion. anal intercourse and
    oral-anal intercourse is linked to a host of bacterial and parasitical
    sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS. Some heterosexuals that
    engage in these and other types of sex are at greater risk. Again, its less
    the person than the acts. Their “choices” affect all, including tax $ for
    medical research. What states this behavior is a “right?” What about those
    infected with AIDS tainted blood? Its a dangerous life choice

  12. Please. Are you aware of the list of diseases people who chose to be gay
    get due to homnosexual behavior? the tearing of the inside of the
    intestinal wall inside the anus? Feces getting into the blood. Yes, this
    can happen to straight people who do similar things but its still due to
    dangerous, unhealthy sexual practises. Practises that homosexuals believe
    are normal. You’re defending an abnormal lifestyle choice

  13. I particularly liked her comment “No one has ever abandoned a belief
    because he or she was forced to.” because progress starts with honest
    discussion. We cannot dismiss others because they oppose it. Their minds
    will not change if we silence them. Embrace the opposition’s opinion,

  14. This is correct, many people fail to realize the multitude of
    microbiological and virological possibilities that lie within the vaginal
    mucosa and vaginal intercourse, as well as inherent dangers of heteosexual
    sexual activities…he is hell bent on attacking an invisible elephant in
    the room, seemingly stuck in 1980s anti-gay propoganda and outdated
    statistical inferences from the time…. I almost feel sorry for him…

  15. my point is that anyone can have anal sex, and people who are heterosexual
    do as well.

  16. Using condoms during anal sex is like taking a shower with a rain jacket
    on, it really defeats the intent and purpose of bareback breeding and
    desensitizes intimate pleasure. Since I don’t have to worry about getting
    anyone pregnant (obviously!) why should I have to ruin the moment by
    putting on a condom as if I was? Condoms are typically used by people
    concerned about babies or shooting gay pornos due to legalities in certain
    states, but since none of the issues is a factor for me, why bother?!

  17. Never heard this before in its entirety. So good, so clear, so rationally

  18. No, not all gays are promiscuous, not all.. (I think?).. Hmm, wish I knew
    one or two, lol!! Most of us are down lo n dirty dawgz!! There’s been weeks
    where I sexed with so many dudes I lost count!! Circuit clubbing and
    cruising gay bath houses doesn’t help, lol!! Of course, those days were
    mostly when I was younger, I do still party most weekends and enjoy a few
    random nights with regulars I’ve known or people I meet, but for the most
    part my hunger for fresh young trade has slowed with age. 😉

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