12 Comments on “Selena Gomez’s Visa Denied By Russia Over Gay Rights Stance”

  1. But doctors, scientists, biologists etc. don’t hate religious people
    because of that, of course, they only hate your religious belief-system and
    believe they should deny you something, while others can have it based on
    their views. Nothing wrong with that, right? And after all, that would
    still feed you some medicine…you own ;oP

  2. Haven’t you heard the news? Religious people will be deinied any health
    care in the future. Yes that’s right. When you are a religious person, you
    won’t be allowed to go to a doctor/hospital anymore, because science
    contributed too much more to medical healthcare, and since religious people
    choose to lead a lifestyle of prayer-cures, where god heals you anyway. Of
    course, they are free to do that, but scientists/biologists etc. believe,
    medical healthcare is only for rational people. ;o)

  3. Selena Gomez supports gay people, however I don’t think she supports gay
    marriage. There IS a difference. I’m a Christian and there’s no way that I
    hate any person, I just hate their sin. If gays want other rights like
    donating blood, opening a business then that’s their deal but I have a
    problem with them getting married because I believe that marriage is
    between a man and a woman only.

  4. This bitch is another phony ,and her relationship with bieber was nothing
    but one big staged publicity stunt

  5. Selena, Selena–darling, don’t let the Russian decision bar you from
    entering that country for your concerts. Selena, you can feel come to my
    house and spend the same amount of time with me in my home, that you were
    going to spend in Russia. I really mean that Selena. You may have to share
    my single cot. You may have to use the bathroom down the hall, but I will
    make sure that you get a full plate of food here at the shelter.E mail me
    soon Selena and I will somehow pick up at the airport by bus

  6. MMM… SUPPORT! Holy Mother Russia doesn’t need degenerate whores like her!
    Down with JewSA!

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