35 Comments on “Sepp Blatter Interview Spoof”

  1. If you know Football you can’t support Sepp, as simple as that. So don’t
    come here all guilty and saying he’s bashing Barca because we’re 3rd. Madre
    Mia you people can be stupid. Awesome video dear!

  2. Hello! I’m spanish! I follow you on instagram, twitter and all your
    accounts and i’m a huge fan of all of them. i have very good english skills
    but i find nearly impossible to understand you in your videos!! I can watch
    english shows with no problems but i really can’t understand you 🙁 the
    subtitles are shit aswell :(

  3. Ohhh there goes the angry cules! When did you hear him talk about
    Barcelona? For pit sake just enjoy the darn video or don’t come here!

  4. Clearing bashing Barcelona here. Are you seriously that mad, that Madrid is
    3rd? They lose to Sevilla and Barcelona and you’s blame FIFA and UEFA.

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