32 Comments on “Sepp Blatter Jeered by 80,000, around the 3:10 mark!!”

  1. Blatter is the biggest disgrace to football. Football will be a much better
    sport after this thief dies. 

  2. Septic Bladder is a useless, corrupt FREELOADING old scarecrow. He’s about
    as much use as a wooden hacksaw and should be put up against the nearest
    wall and phucking SHOT

  3. Congrats to all those who booed Septic Bladder. The difference between the
    Olympic Spirit & The FIFA Cash Cow in action..

  4. Great Olympic moment seeing people join together to show their distrust in
    the corruption behind FIFA.

  5. I was in the stadium and I have to honestly say I was disappointed in the
    booing. Whilst I have no love for Blatter I thought the booing would have
    been embarrassing not just to Sepp Blatter but also to the players waiting
    for their medal presentations and the officials at Wembley. People should
    have shown their disappointment in Blatter not by booing but being silent
    and not clapping his announcement as I did. This response is I think more
    respectful to the players.

  6. Sepp Blatter, what a cunt. Universally hated by everyone who has something
    to do with football, but still manages to be chief of FIFA. Cunt!

  7. Great night, had it been booing for anyone else it may have ruined the
    night, it simply enhanced it demonstrating that people recognise corruption!

  8. “LET HIM HAVE IT PEOPLE” That’s exactly what I yelled @ the screen the
    second his name was said & the well-deserved boos hit!!! Ever since Blatter
    took over FIFA its been 1 sick joke after another!!! I wonder what kind of
    excuses he’s gonna come up with when the Qatar WC turns in2 such an epic
    flop with its ridiculously ice cold nights & energy-sucking heat! No way is
    any national team no matter how great, well-conditioned & tough they may be
    will be able to play the full 90 in that region!!!

  9. You are rich + You are corrupt + Everybody hates You = You must feel like
    an ass (Joseph Blatter) Yes people u let him feel the noise of rejection!
    well done!

  10. No. The worst thing in football is money. The “bigest” clubs are not sports
    teams yet, but business companies.

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