38 Comments on “Sepp Blatter making joke to Cristiano Ronaldo !!! SCANDAL”

  1. This is no laughing matter when you have the president of FIFA not only
    clearly stating favorites but making fun of and belittling another player.
    The most pathetic part is that he should have given a professional/
    impartial answer despite what his real preference is given his position,
    but no….instead we got “I like Messi better cause he is a good boy”…..w
    t f.

  2. Messi is humble, honest, the underdog that everyone likes. Ronaldo is
    selfish, vain and proud. This is just Fifa being objective. 

  3. Messi is a good boy really well he is nice but he’s can get very angry
    ronaldo and messi are both shit in character

  4. stupid , non sence and no words for that mentally retarded old man……..
    messi is a god boy ? really …… good boys always pay tex 

  5. Fucking Blatter and Plattini as well. Both of them should die, these
    fucking dick suckers! Messi is a goodboy? He has a gilfriend and yet was
    caught in las vegas with a striper! Now where’s the humility, loyalty and
    fidedignity from a men that won the golden ball for 4 years?He should be an
    example like Figo for example.. 

  6. Idiot… fifa need to fire him blatter out. Hes an old man without respect.
    Than need to be change .

  7. A player has to be a model not only in the pitch but in real life. “The boy
    every father wants to be his sister’s boyfriend” is no more than a thief
    who commited fraud against spanish IRS. So, good player, but better at
    evading taxes.

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