30 Comments on “Sepp Blatter Tells the FAI to Piss Off”

  1. Can somebody please hit that old fool for me! You old money eating piece of
    shit,he is ruining the most beautiful game on this planet! its time that
    the football fans stand up and retire him,give his job to someone
    else,someone who does understand the passion of this game,the faster the
    better! i have respect for Fifa because the did good things to,but this man
    u really hate! buzzer off u Football redneck!

  2. The only Question people should be throwing at Blatter and FIFA is ??? 1)
    what does FIFA earn in Profit ???? 2) How much of this profit does Fifa
    give back to Football? .. i think if people get to the crux of it !! they
    will find that FIFA is basically a PLC who´s main Goal is making money.
    because they run there company out of Switzerland.. this will also signal
    that they have a swiss mentality.. sure they do a good job.. but trust me
    its all a cloaked veil.

  3. This guy needs to fuck off. Old piece of shit, time to retire. Fair play my
    ass, time for goal line technology. Who does he think he is, laughing at
    other countries.

  4. when will he and FIFA be exposed for their crooked ways. I wont watch
    another international until video replay or even a 6th and 7th official is

  5. What an idiot! He laughs at us? Him and his corrupt federation are the
    laughing stock of football

  6. i fucking going slit this guys throat fucking faggot motherfucking .i hope
    he dies of aids the stupid big headed bollock

  7. Because Blatter is Swiss he thinks he can get away with blaming others.
    This is typically Swiss. When is the world going to realise how crooked the
    Swiss really are? The Swiss are demolishing Sterling & the dollar, their
    Swiss franc has idiot has openly insulted David Cameron, Prince William &
    other nations who spent lots on biddiing for nothing and now this low life
    is blaming others. PUT THIS PRICK BLATTER IN PRISON!!!

  8. FIFA is a one man show that has become ridiculously profitable. so
    arrogant, he thinks he can talk down to years of dedicated football
    coaching and development organisations. disgraceful. corporate social
    responsibility mr. blatter. look it up you prissy cocktail sucking twirp.

  9. sepp blatter is an idiot. why is this guy in charge? FIFA are so
    anti-british, it’s ridiculous.

  10. @trevgk The more that I hear about Blatter the more I like him.Your just
    pist off that he has the nerve to stand up to you.And not give you the
    world cup for a second time.When there is plenty of other nations out there
    who have not hosted it.Nations like my own Scotland,or any other magor
    finals for that matter.We should co host the Euroes at least with Wales.If
    we have to do it that way.Nobody gives a crap about the Olyimpic games,its
    not going to give us the indoor facilities that we need.

  11. hey blatter i heard yor aims as bad as your body odour hey blatter i heard
    your more of a crackpot than a crackshot i could paint a target on my ass
    and you’d still be pointing at your shoe

  12. Yes replays may be against the normal rules, but when last I looked so were
    handballs and bigotry and corruption!!

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