23 Comments on “Sepp Blatter will fight for winter 2022 World Cup in Qatar”

  1. Mr Sepp blatter where u spend those million dollars of money that Qatar
    bribe you for hosting world 2022 r u planing to get another wife with that
    bribe money LoL

  2. Sepp Blatter will fight for winter 2022 World Cup in Qatar … and more
    workers will die for it. To hell with this rotten old fuck!

    If the circumstances in Qatar remain the way they are, I will have no part
    of the WC 2022. Fair p(l)ay.

  3. So your gonna stop club soccer to play international soccer, i dont think
    UEFA would allow this and i dont like the idea, just hold the world cup
    somewhere else

  4. Blatter is a disreputable person, it’s time he resign.
    He is like Pontius Pilatus washing away the responsibility

  5. some people are disagreeing with no reason with no argument , for HAL ALAN
    who said how many Nepalese have died ,yes we have many people in Qatar died
    because we can have a good life but we cant stop people from dying
    its Qatar not heaven , and the climate is good in winter as it been already
    decided that its a winter world cup.you are so cheap to attend such event
    ,,,, MICHAEL BEYENE it will lose its flavour because its not in your
    country right ?? its a world cup and its not anybody’s choice anymore ,this
    region deserve to host it. if you cant come then don’t be rude and disagree
    without proper argument

  6. Qatar could would not be able to organise a piss up in a brewery, what hope
    have they got organisinga world cup?

  7. Celebration? What planet are you living on you idiot? – how may Nepalese
    have already died in your idiotic country? answer that first you idiot.
    2022 world cup is going to be a disaster…a fitting legacy for Qatar.

  8. Worst decision to even consider Qatar as a host for the 2022 World Cup,
    they’re taking the essence tradition and common passion of football by
    having a country like qatar host the world cup, south america can host a
    World cup without having the glamour of staduims that qatar has to offer.

  9. I remember hearing Morgan Freeman speak on the USA’s behalf at the bidding
    of the 2022 World Cup. It was elegant, moving, and contained all the power
    and persuasion that comes with a classic performance form the treasured
    actor. It is a cheat.

  10. Why 2 world cup finals announced at once? The reason is Sepp Blatter won’t
    be on the panel in 4 years time in order to collect his kickback. This
    baffoon has presided over the most corrupt organization in the history of
    sport. Qatar is a joke. Who the hell wants to run around a football pitch
    in 50 degree heat. Who the hell wants to sit in that heat and watch it.
    Will their be separate sides for men and women? A complete fucking joke,
    now he claims the winter is better idea. FOR WHO exactly?

  11. FIFA must take responsibility for awarding the World Cup to Qatat in 2022.
    It must stay in Summer even if the players die. FIFA should have NOT
    awarded it to Qatar in the First place. Why not give them the Winter
    Olimpics since they have money to create slopes and snow.

  12. FIFA have cocked up BIG time over this. Holding a winter world cup will
    cause massive disruption to domestic leagues and the international
    calendar. What muppets they have shown themselves to be! If Blatter wanted
    the world cup to go somewhere it hadnt been before then it should have gone
    to Australia

  13. The messed up thing is the fact that the guy who’s probably going to run
    for the FIFA presidency against Sepp Blatter in 2015 (Platini) also voted
    for Qatar.

  14. Blatter is an incompetent chode. You would have thought FIFA would have
    thought about the temperature before giving it to Qatar! A world cup in
    Winter is wrong.

  15. I certainly hope Qatar’s bribe was large enough to make all this worth it
    to Sepp Blatter & his fellow corrupt, football-destroying scumbags. World
    Cup in the winter?!?!?!?!? Pathetic!!!!!!!

  16. As Qatari , I really want the World Cup to be in winter too , I know it’s
    my country and I’m capable of my weather , but this is a celebration more
    than just a sport , so it would be the best for the visitors to have fun in
    our winter , not in our dry and dusty summer

  17. I hope people will think that the World Cup in Qatar will be amazing as
    expected. Qatar is really trying to show other countries that even though
    we are small nation but we can do this!

  18. No one thinks that “Qatar 2022” will be amazing – Everybody thinks that it
    represents everything which is wrong with football today. So we should
    actually change the international and national schedules forever for just
    one tournament?! I do not think so! Maybe the professional leagues will
    agree to it but the amateur leagues won`t because a amateur-player with a
    normal job would like to spend the months of summer with his family!

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