46 Comments on “Shadow Lobbying And Why The Obama Era Is Worse Than Ever [#NoFilter with Ana Kasparian]”

  1. The stats being provided are Amazing,it seems like he American People are
    being taken for a Ride

  2. Holding them accountable also means staying focused on that while they do
    their best to distract the public from real issues.

    As long as the money is there the two parties will continue to play the
    shell game on the public. 

  3. with the revolving door practices between the government and corporate
    America, they don’t need lobbyist.

  4. I can tell you all that nothing is going to change for the better, it’s
    only going to get worse until we start another revolution and force the
    terrorist president out and jail all the other congress fucks for treason
    and not following the constitution.

  5. I worry about Ana, she’s such a fearless journalist, but these lobbyists
    are so dangerous. Take care girl.

  6. A political party is the perfect toehold for any form of curruption,
    because you only need to bribe the top, that makes the decissions. Even if
    any form of bribery is illegal, like drugs, it can’t be erradicated. It
    will become just more hidden, that’s all. In order to diminish corruption
    (I don’t think it can be stoped, like drugs and prostitution), the paty
    democracy has to be stopped first.

  7. Can’t say it enough. There are legitimate reasons to dislike Obama, his
    lack of Change being just one. 

  8. Ana: And in 2008, you and the rest of the Obama Zombies fell for his
    pathetic rhetoric. And, to rub salt into the wound, you re-elected him in
    2012. Give yourselves a big pat on the back kiddo.

  9. We need Sarah Palin as our next President! She will PUT AN END to this
    corruption altogether! Shadow lobbying will be a CRIME in the Palination!
    President Palin will OUST all the men OUT of our govt and make our govt
    completely accountable to the people!

  10. I wonder if some of Cenk’s ancestors massacred any of Ana’s ancestors
    during ww1. 

  11. Well, so things are worse now than ever. I’m not surprised. And, I don’t
    blame this on Obama or his administration. It is the sign of the times.
    Sorry guys, our leaders don’t represent us anymore. It’s all a charade. It
    doesn’t matter what party is in charge anymore. I don’t know ….I guess,
    do what people have done through out the ages and…work hard, try to be
    honest, stay away from addictions and weather the storm.

  12. US has become a modern fascist country – i feel bad for all the decent,
    educated people living in there…

  13. I haven’t watched the video because the Title seems dumb. This just showed
    up on my recommendations bar. Obama’s era can’t be worse than Bush’s.

  14. The money will stay whilst it can buy things.
    Remove all the tax exemptions – make tax rules the same as company account
    Abolish most regulatory agencies. Replace with making killing people
    Government contracts – make obtaining these fair, so companies do not have
    to bribe.

  15. For those calling for an armed revolution? Not going to happen. You
    remember all those support our troops and more money for defense that
    people were clamoring for? America’s GDP is the biggest in the world due to
    the top 1%. We could buy continents for that kind of money. Fighting in an
    armed revolution would be like Terminator and trying to fight Skynet – only
    with shotguns and rifles.

    What WILL happen is one of two things. Optimistically, we pass an
    ammendment and get money out of politics before laws are passed that would
    regulate the internet and media so terribly that there is no hope for
    progressive movements. Or pessimistically, that wall street econmoic bubble
    keeps growing until it pops once more sending us into even deeper dept and
    bringing on a second great depression. During this time a new superpower
    would emerge and that rich 1% will go elsewhere.

  16. Not all lobby groups are corporations, you have special interest groups,
    charity, small political partys and so on.
    This Wolf-pac group is just another lobby group.

  17. i hate how all the bills they pass have ironic titles. how can they act
    like thats not “false advertising” that seems to be legal now days?

    lobbyist disclosure act? it pretty much allows them no disclosure…

  18. So if they are not registered with the Secretary of the Senate, why aren’t
    they prosecuted?
    If you know how many they are and how much money they spend, you should
    have some kind of idea of who they are!!

  19. Think this goes to show that limited democracy isn’t the correct form of
    government. Wish the educated people in our country have more power in our
    decision making

  20. Not all lobbyists represent corporate America. Every organization who wants
    access to the Washington power elites have sent lobbyists there.

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