42 Comments on “Shaq vs Belgium: Instagram Fight!”

  1. Some of them are Flemish, but most/all? of them are bilingual (French and
    Dutch). Mertens for example I’m pretty sure is Flemish.

  2. Yes, but I’m referring specifically to the Dutch/French bilingualism of
    Belgium. All in all they have quite a bunch that can speak both languages:
    Chaldi, Mignolet, Courtois, Kompany, Lukaku, Dembele, Van Buyten, De
    Bruyne, Mertens, Simons, Defour, Pocognoli, Van Damme, Lombaerts. That’s
    around half I’m certain of.

  3. I don’t think most people watching the video would link it to
    homosexuality, it’s just camaraderie. That’s what good teams develop.

  4. Rick.. I really thing you should watch this and do a story on it.. Kinda
    reminded me of Ben, just I hope Ben isn’t this stupid.. /watch?v=yBkbj_S3etY

  5. Belgium is the sleeper team in Brazil next year, if Mourinho doesn’t screw
    Lukaku over and starts him instead of trying to buy a CF, Belgium will

  6. Some of the dutch speaking players know a (very) little french, most of the
    french speaking players don’t speak dutch. It’s not because you can say ola
    senorita that you can speak spanish!

  7. Their vocabulary was extensive enough, and the odd accent for some is
    hardly an obstruction. I also know that the German language is one of the
    official languages, but have you seen the size of the German speaking
    community and where it is located? The Brussels capital region is
    officially bilingual.

  8. most of them speak either dutch (flemish) or french, not that many speak
    both, the lingua franca is actually english 🙂 don’t forget most of these
    guys play all over europe

  9. wat is er zo zwak aan, stoeferke?? en btw, ik denk: argumentum infirmum,
    convicis maar tis bij mij ook 20 jaar geleden. de vlaamse duivels spreken
    vlaams onder mekaar, de walen frans, en altesamen, meestal engels. Deal
    with it :p

  10. punt in kwestie is dat er weinig fr-nl tweetaligen zijn ik wacht op
    bewijzen, geen fantasietjes … knul … 🙂

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