7 Comments on “Shields and Brooks on same-sex marriage sea change”

  1. If you truly love people, and honestly want what’s best for them, you won’t
    allow same sex marriage. This is because people of the same sex can’t love
    each other like husband and wife.

    To have true love in marriage, you need to have a sexual complementarity,
    like yin and yang. A husband can say to his wife “you complete me” or “we
    were made for each other”, and the sentiment would be genuine, because men
    and women actually were made for each other. Homosexuality lacks this
    complementarity and genuine affection. 

  2. Pal sob, you and your boyfriend were not made for each other, and so you
    are not two parts of a whole. You and your wife were whole together, even
    if you didn’t have the best relationship. Stop pining away for something
    you can’t have, and love the person you can actually be whole with.

  3. Frugal that is not the case with me I was married 20yrs to a women and she
    did not in anyway co complete me . I have been in a loving relationship
    with a man for 2 years who has asked me to marry him I have never felt more
    whole happy and complete as I have been with this man so your assumption
    that only a man and woman can complete one another simply is not true for
    me that may be true for you but it’s not for everyone I find it profound
    Lee inappropriate for you to say that a man and woman can only love each
    other in that way you could not be more wrong think before you speak next

  4. The #RepublicanParty needs to ditch #SameSexMarriage and move on. It is
    an issue that only the #ChristianRight cares about as far as preventing
    gays from getting married. #VoterID is about #VoterSuppression and those
    laws getting thrown out helps #Democrats . 

  5. This issue is lost for the christian right.
    The national day of prayer couldn’t stop this happening.
    Millions of dollars on adverts couldn’t stop this happening
    Nothing can. Its all over Social Conservatism is DEAD

  6. Plus the yin and yang you spoke of we have that its energies not body parts
    the physical sex of that body has nothing to do with feminine or masculine
    energy they are not both exclusive we are all comprised of both energies

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