1. Brain washing. Last I checked I’m a free thinking individual. 80% of
    Molested Children equals gay people. Please tell where you got your numbers
    from. No one has ever came knocking on my door to ask me if I was gay or
    straight, to ever ask me if I was molested. Last time I checked that wasn’t
    a question on the US Census.

  2. I wish more families were like yours. That is awesome that your mother just
    cares that her children are happy. c:

  3. More LA Chronicle videos please. I’m gay and I think we should have the
    freedom to get married. Is marriage for me? At this point in time, no. I do
    think however, that male to male marriages will be as unsuccessful or more
    unsuccessful than male to female ones. I think because it’s two
    testosterone driven men. Lesbian marriages will be more successful though
    compared to straight marriages I’m sure. Just my thoughts.

  4. I was kinda sad because of people saying hateful things about gays.. This
    video made me feel better. Thank you for being open-minded 🙂 I wish more
    people would be that kind as to allow others to be happy..

  5. Lol… I truly believe most people that are gay were born gay. My friends
    brother recently came out we knew he was gay from Child birth. Gays were
    always around as I stated before they’re just more comfortable to come out
    and be who they are. I do agree that a household should be a mother and
    father to have a balance.Truly, how many household are growing up with a
    single parents male or female? How many children are growing up in the
    system? A loving household is a just a household for many.

  6. It’s kind of like people that argue that feminism was a great thing.. then
    they look at society 50 years later and complain that the children are
    violent, there’s so much confusion, etc. When you take the mom out of the
    household, what do you expect? The social policies implemented usually have
    a negative impact on society. More than likely within the next 20 or so
    years, there won’t be marriage, but rampant diseases and plenty of foster

  7. Hi, the person who mentioned that most homosexuals were molested at a young
    age, is correct. The medical community studied homosexual individuals for
    years and concluded that it was a mental illness that primarily stemmed
    from sexual trauma at a very young age. Homosexuality however, is viewed as
    a good thing now because the power brokers of society are reshaping the
    cultural values of our society, which will ultimately result in anarchy,
    then they will step in and control the population.

  8. Just because women are working doesn’t make children Violent. The human
    race was always violent. Now your talk to a person with a African
    background the last 400 years speaks nothing but rape, killing, abuse of
    family. Please come better than that.

  9. You are pathetic, and your statement “the medical community studied
    homosexuals for years…..blah blah blah”. Name your source(s). Those of
    that are educated and informed, know when it was removed as a “mental
    illeness”. Do your research before you TRY and spread false propaganda,
    your ignorance seems to have no bounds.

  10. another victim of the gay propaganda ! The brainwashing is going on in the
    world. Question : Why are 80 % of gays former molested children?

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