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  1. Don’t let muslim clerks sit in these discussions!!! They don’t think out of
    box unless they say that Homosexuality is a SIN! 

  2. Just because some people are straight so they find it disgusting and
    declare it illegal.every people has the right to live a life in their own

  3. India has not come to grips with Hindu’s marrying Muslims so how can India
    handle 2 men marrying????

  4. india is a country that values family where children bind different
    generations…why should it follow the west? the west is rapidly aging,
    families breakup is very common parents are abondoned and children are seen
    as a burden..eventually their economies will slow and collapse…why would
    india move to a society away from the ideal of traditional marriage to one
    where every type of relationship without understanding the consequences for
    the culture and society as a whole. india values community over the
    individual. so why would it accept western values knowing that these harm
    the community as a whole.

  5. Divorce rate in India is less than 5%. Gay marriages and other stupid
    things will increase these. And ofcourse it has a cultural connection. Why
    do Indians not get divorced? Because we think it’s culturally inappropriate
    to leave our children to suffer .Such kind of liberal propaganda will lead
    to disaster. We must stay a socially conservative society with liberty to
    an extent, as defined by the conventional cultural norms of the major
    religions of this country over the years.

  6. India is one of the diverse countries in the world such as Linguistic ,
    cultural, religious and ethnic diversities. In such a diverse country one
    has to respect other people’s opinion. Homosexuality is no exception. If
    you want to ban same sex marriage,then ban practice of religion
    ,corruption,overpopulation ,people moving from one state to other state in
    search of a job etc. homosexuals are people too. Otherwise give a separate
    state for homosexual people so that they can live peacefully.

  7. All Homosexual people of india should practice Atheism, so that there would
    be no trouble with religious groups. Atheism is completely free thinking
    liberal way of living,which advocates peace, equality, live and let live
    attitude unlike other religious groups which acts like a barrier against
    equality. Because there are gay people who pay regular taxes, pay all their
    bills and contributes to national development unlike religious leaders who
    preach BS and live best life with help of others money

  8. “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you
    apart” Jeremiah 1:5……..lord made us who we are, gay or straight…we
    are his children and we should not be set apart from the so called
    “normality” of the world……the laws we live in are man made…so y do we
    drag our maker in it to win our way…….hopefully my country will let me
    glimpse a little bit of hope in my future life there 🙂 otherwise i am
    choosing the wrong time to move back 🙁

  9. Lord forgive your people who lead my poor country.. if only India
    recognized separation of church and state .. we have sprung forward leaps
    and bounds but the idiocy of our religion based culture will always hold us
    back 🙁

  10. Gay Marriages are not allowed in Hinduism. It’s not criminal in Hinduism.
    There are no full rights for them.

  11. How would gay marriage increase the divorce rate in india? And what’s wrong
    with an increased divorced rate? I for one thinks it would help the
    superficial indian society realize that being a divorcee, a divorcee woman
    especially, is not the same as being a criminal or a whore or a bitch. And
    that would help so many women gather mental strength to leave the abusive
    relationship they are in. Such kind of conservatism only adds more
    depression to people’s minds who are already suffering.

  12. Flashy, Shiny Cloths and Break into Bollywood song….India Was always
    pro-gay…no-one realized it !!!

  13. Main religions interfere with government affairs, they have a wrong concept
    that all male gays practice sodomy. There are also gays that do not go
    beyond kissing, hugging and being embraced. Whatever their sexual acts , it
    is unfair that gays cannot have same rights as anyone else, since they are
    also expected to obey the law and pay taxes. Although I’m a practicing
    Catholic, I see no wrong in legalizing same sex marriage not only in India
    but all over the world

  14. @joellobo112689 i totally agree with u…..y does the father has to bring
    up “as the church understands” every other sentence……the church should
    not matter when it concerns law……..there is a definite separation of
    church and state in our country since Christianity is still a minority
    religion in India……even though i am a christian i am baffled by the
    idea that our Constitution is so defined by a minority religion….

  15. I don’t even know what all these religious leaders are doing here. I am
    proud of the diversity of religious beliefs in India, which I feel has
    helped make India a very secular country. These people’s biased opinions
    should not be taken into consideration for this topic. What should be
    considered is equal rights and protecting the rights of the minorities. In
    issues like this, where no one in the minority is causing any harm, the
    majorities should not have a say on the rights of the minorities.

  16. Because you accepted it became exception! Dumb ass – what is his problem
    with exceptions – she has been giving facts to which he does not have a
    proper answer and claims it to be an exception – he really needs to know
    that exceptions can bring in changes that changes our lives!

  17. @Chamath5 i could give a rats ass if it was a hindu or muslim or christian
    country as long as our government and laws dont follow any religion im

  18. India is a secular nation and religious preachers have no say in law making
    other than what every citizen of India does. Same sex marriage should be
    legalized, as two consenting adults deserve to have their relationship
    recognized by law and receive the same benefits as any heterosexual couple.

  19. @Chamath5 IF u r an Indian….u should be ashamed of calling india a
    religious country.,… JAI HIND

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