4 Comments on “Should we fear Britons who go to Syria?”

  1. The majority of Syrians support Assad and the majority of the Syrian army
    are Sunni,they are not fundamental extremists looking to impose Islamic
    law, on the other side that is exactly what we are dealing with Fundamental
    who won’t think twice about chopping your head off if you don’t go along
    with their deluded interpretation of Islam.

    Assad is a secular leader he is not looking to impose strict Islamic law
    unlike these western/NATO backed terrorists, under Assad all minority’s got
    along and lived in peace if Assad goes expect much worse

  2. Seeing some videos of British Jihadists and how they fight amongst the
    people they claim to be fighting for worries me. Seeing the video of a
    British fighter beating a fellow fighter with a steel baton until it breaks
    for simply saying something against Allah is a display of terrorism in
    itself and I worry about people like him trying to make his way back into
    civilian life.

  3. What are freedom fighters if not terrorists?
    They certainly fall under the 2000 Act’s definition of Terrorists.

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