34 Comments on “Sick of Homosexuality, Religious Family Gets Lost at Sea”

  1. So do these people still have their kids? Seems to me there”s a child
    protective services issue here. 

  2. Ye well, big difference between being lost and getting lost! Their
    situation was always hopeful, they just got lost on a journey…..
    Homosexuality is hopeless and from the start a lost! ABOMINATION….

  3. at my work I heard some gay guy tell this girl how great it is to lick shit
    off a guys dick yes your right gays are wouderful….

  4. GOD had them tell the world how sick the u.s.a is getting but not all
    americans are sick maybe stupid but not sick…

  5. You are such an ignorant little annoying person. I seriously don’t even
    know the words for you but hateful is definitely one of them. Like get a
    life stop talking shit about people. You shouldn’t even have a YouTube

  6. Well you’ve stated that you’re a fucking idiot to begin with because you’re
    a Christian. So why should I care about any other opinion you have? You’re
    infected with the Christ psychosis.

  7. so what your saying is your dont have proof other than your opinion.. well
    our opinions are irrelevant when it comes to factual and historical
    documentation. as far as links go… watch?v=YsRm8M-qOjQ Its not hard to
    put links in at all. Please watch this updated factual reffutal of the
    biggest “cunspuracy” theory of all: the one told by this satanic
    government. Plz dont respond as I will not be. Take Care

  8. Well there are people who are gay who’s families can trace their ancestry
    back to the middle east or choose to follow one the abrihamic religions. So

  9. if we were to take race seriously – then it just so happens that as an
    ethnic/racial group – i would qualify as WASP.. but i usually identify
    myself as english lapsed catholic zen buddhist – and the word WASP i would
    apply to someone who does take their race seriously together with their
    privileges and lazy prejudices which they use as excuses for their
    privileges. regardless of what colour you are – you sicken me in the same
    way for your unimaginative and nasty assumptions about me and others..

  10. maybe your resent assumptions about me are only pretend – to try to let
    yourself off the hook of facing your own hypocrisy. but anyway.. it is of
    course entirely spurious to argue that me -pointing out that the irrational
    and hateful prejudices of a white majority using christianity as their
    excuse bares comparison to your own narrow beliefs- makes me in any way a
    racist. only obvious inference is that i am opposed to all irrational
    bigotry. your superstitions appear to include fear of words..

  11. You’re not acknowledging the atrocities that actually exist within Biblical
    teachings. Leaving the crusades aside, there are countless others that the
    Bible actually upholds. To answer your question I’m not trying to use a
    system that I claim is false, I don’t believe in the system, only pointing
    out the errors in intellect it contains. I would argue that none of us are
    above scrutiny.

  12. “lost at sea while seeking God’s direction” – Says it all. Try thinking,
    not superstition.

  13. u practice that false western buddhism that is so watered down & filled w
    false teachings that even ur own dali lama doesnt acknowledge. I was a fool
    like u, but when I actually studied for myself I found the truth that u
    blatantly deny. So enjoy it when ur beggin 4 that world leader to save u
    all. We know its coming. But again it takes some1 with an open mind (as you
    buddhists claim to have) to see the EASILY VERIFIED TRUTH Ur also supposed
    to practice compassion. Have yet to see that

  14. My “bitterness” and Hate” only includes asshole like you who desperately
    need to enforce your Fairy Tales on the rest of us. And my comment
    obviously affects you enough for you to have this desperate need to respond
    with your deluded pretend christian, but actually anti-christian hypocrisy.
    “Judge and ye shall not be judged,” asshole. And I obviously can’t take
    away the sociopathic delusion ether. Good luck in Fairyland. xoxo.

  15. LOL, I think if there was a god, the middle of the ocean is exactly the
    place where he’d lead people like them. Now let’s wait for reports on how
    homosexuality and abortion is destroying honest, decent christian people’s
    life by casting them out, how the “tearing of the fabric of society” forces
    these poor people to run away to sea in desperation. I bet they got lost
    and god sent them all those boats and god flew them home in safety. It’s a
    sign he wants them home spreading the good word.

  16. we can agree that a robotic concern with money, blind greed and people’s
    deep down feeling of impotence leading them to compensate for this by
    wishing to have dominion over someone else is a problem.. but more than
    that essential problem is willful stupidity which can take the form of
    belief in man in the sky who has a perfect mold for us all to fit into, or
    racism or other prejudices. fact is belief in christian god was cited in US
    courts in application of racist laws drafted by “christians”..

  17. Better then sending real life soldiers into a dangerous life threatening
    situation. Seriously why are you against a technology that save’s us
    soldiers lives, drones are the future of warfare deal with it.

  18. “Major Bullshit?” Sorry I don’t speak with people who haven’t past the 3rd
    grade in grammatical skills. Get an education then get some help. That’s my
    professional advice. Free of charge! 🙂

  19. this is only scratching the surface. But please dont watch 10 min and say
    you watched it all. Ive been studying this long b4 many of you heard of the
    term new world order, illuminati, freemason, or whatever. and its funny
    watching society be bipolar with itself. 1st denying any of this existing,
    then acknowledging it does, now marinating in the ideals concepts and
    esoteric occultism, and now back to denying theres evil afoot…HILARIOUS
    but SAD watching society be so stupid w itself

  20. If it wasnt for fundamentalist Christianity in this country, None of you
    would even know whats going on. Even delusional Mason Jesuit Alex Jones
    proves this point. People like Bill Cooper (Christian Fundamentalist) is
    what gave you guys the 1st notiopn that 9/11 was an inside Job. GOOGLE IT
    instead of rubbing ur illiterate ignorant hatred off on others like nazis
    did with the Jews. Oh wait, I must be in the pro-nazi portion of YT where
    Ignorance reigns supreme…

  21. Cmon my friend! brush those cobwebs away and use your brain for more than a
    container filled with goo… Cmon buddy! I have faith in you!!! You can do

  22. u say get rid of religion yet u have a buddhist brainwashed kid for your
    SN? .. Im CHRISTIAN & have ALWAYS advocated the separation of Church and
    state. Its ppl like u that vote for “hope and change” yet arent aware of
    the evil satanic shit ur own politicians are in. Guess what ur pres that u
    voted for is under control of the roman papacy (which anybody who studies
    truthfully will tell you ISNT Christainity). Also your buddhist Dali Lama
    is signing on w the RCC Ecumenical movement Under the pope

  23. Oh boo fucking hoo. They’re dumbasses. Being religious doesn’t excuse them
    from the fact that they are complete dumbasses, and you even know it
    yourself that what they did was completely fucking moronic, so quit trying
    to defend them like they did nothing wrong.

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