7 Comments on “Sixth Circuit Loss Could be Supreme Court Win: Nov 10 MNW”

  1. Matt, There already are a few things scheduled for this month in at least 5
    States that I know of. that you didn’t get a chance to mention today.
    This Wednesday the 12th Mississippi has their Hearing & the Lawyer arguing
    to make marriage Legal is the same lawyer who argued against DOMA before
    the US Supreme Court last year and won that case, .But a ruling may not
    come soon enough for Mississippi’s case to be heard on January 5th along
    with Texas & Louisiana’s cases.
    The 5th Circuit Court of Appeal’ which is over Texas Mississippi &
    Louisiana had their deadline for final briefs last Friday the 7th And
    in 1 Month & 27 days On January 5th they say that they plan to have their
    On November 20th both Montana & Arkansas will have separate Hearings

  2. Marriage “equality” has nothing to do with abominable homosexual

    The definition of marriage has both a sex requirement/limitation and a
    number requirement/limitation. Every man and woman, even if they think
    they are homosexual, has the same right as any other man or woman to marry
    1 person of the opposite sex.

    You cannot get anymore equal than this.

    What homosexuals are demanding is special rights, and more specifically, a
    special accommodation for homosexuals alone in changing the sex
    requirement/limitation while leaving the number requirement/limitation in

    Does anyone actually believe that polygamists view what has occurred to
    allow homosexuals to force their perverted agenda onto everyone else is
    anything to do with marriage “equality”? or do the polygamists view what
    is happening as a special accommodation, a special right, for one group of
    people- homosexuals- which does not include said polygamists?

    homosexuality is abomination

    homosexuality is immoral

    homosexuality is unnatural

    homosexuality is uncleanness

    homosexuality is perversity

    homosexuality is shameful

  3. Loved seeing the calendar of October.
    12 new states gaining marriage equality, for a further 57 million people =
    YAY YAY YAY!!!

  4. Just imagine different-sex American couples tolerating this patchwork quilt
    of prejudice since 1776! Meanwhile, there’s much progress toward a more
    perfect union.

  5. AFER’s Matt Baume reports on the Sixth Circuit’s anti-equality ruling, West
    Virginia, Kansas, and Missouri’s gay marriage bans being overturned in
    court, and a look back at all the great LGBT progress this past month.

  6. Judge Sutton like his ruling, is a joke I think that he will be seen in
    History as a Bad Punch line, if at all.

  7. So if the US supreme court were to take the case, when would this happen?
    How long till we hear from them?

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