4 Comments on “Sochi Olympics Boycott Call Rejected By PM”

  1. Nobody is phoebic so stop accusing others intellectual wisdom on this
    subject. and your asanine game you play to rationalize your cesspool
    mentality. Ppl know perfectly well what that vile mentality is , just look
    at all their countless destructive toxic activities they are bathed in and
    cause to the human race. Just because the media “creates” this majority
    rule type of glamorous life choices style of gays, doesn’t mean it is
    Many ppl are absolutely disgusted with that degenerate filthy abomination
    narcissistic putrid mentality being shoved in our faces.
    You ppl are the epitome of fascists.
    Nobody has to tolerate your filth, Nobody!!!

  2. sorry, i meant to say substance but my fingers got a little jittery as i
    typed it for absolutely no reason. just a slip. not freudian. not freudian
    at all. okay well c ya!

  3. the best thing to do in the face of prejudice is to submit and keep the
    status quo. god forbid us FAGS rock the boat n all. money is more important
    than substances.

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