3 Comments on “Social Media and its Impacts on the Gay Rights Movement”

  1. I have zero hate for gay people But I want accountability from the media to
    not constantly overexpose and advocate gay rights. Be gay be happy but
    don’t force the issues you promote down peoples throught. This is what
    creates anger towards gays because as a straight man you can’t stop for 5
    mins without being bombarded by it. 1 percent of the population should have
    no right to target 99 percent over the media. Its bias and hipocritical.

  2. The gay movement is the most hipacritical thing I have ever seen. The gay
    media represents more than 90 percent of the mainstream media. They abuse
    this power to promote any image they want for the gay comunity. Always
    painting a pretty picture I might ad. They manipulate 90 of what is put on
    tv and the movies. Now seeing how less than 1 percent of the population is
    gay and the rest have no interest in gay programming. Seems one sided and
    disrespectfull. You can call it brainwashing.

  3. You can have your opinions as a gay but a straight man has no right and if
    they say anything they are a bigot. overexposure of gays in the media is
    manipulative. And children like you fallow suit with the whole in your face
    attitude and non willingness to understand the other side of it. The side
    who is not being represented that 99 percent of the rest of the world.

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