9 Comments on “Sodom and Gomorrah Sermon Pt. 4”

  1. Everyone have their opinions about everything! I thank you for sharing your
    opinion, but I dont believe that Homosexuality is wrong. I have my reasons.
    The Bible have been tampered with so many times. It is not the original
    Hebrew Bible.

  2. So sad how some people are so afraid of what they don’t understand. People
    are born gay just like this man was born black. Ask yourself did you have a
    choice of being straight or gay, no! Its a human instinct. being gay is not
    a choice. Live and let live. For any gay young men or women. Don’t Listen
    to this! You are who you are and god loves you for you. No H8t. It gets

  3. Look at the little scared man in his house with his book, how he fears the
    big scary world around him. I feel sorry for the gay community.

  4. Homosexuality is wrong and it will never be right because God has said it.
    If you read the story of Sodom in Genesis19 and also read Romans 8:18-32
    God’s message is very clear. If you therefore say what God says is wrong
    and you say is right you are actually saying God is a liar and that borders
    on the line of blasphemy. It is always safe to agree and partner with God
    because He is our creator. God Bless

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