2 Comments on “#sohairspray : A Documentary by Abigail Coale”

  1. GREAT job! Really impressive stuff! 😉 My non-theatre friends never have
    quite figured out why I spend so many hours with this ‘theatre’ thing! I
    really appreciate all the hard work you put into this and to showcase BHS!
    –Kevin – Tech Crew, 1988-1991

  2. FUN FACTS – your chorus room was the band room… your band room was the
    gym! 😉 We only had 10th-12th grade The 1st few years BHS was open they
    performed on the little stage in the cafeteria The theatre opened in 1988
    with “Oklahoma” and we hardly had any lighting and NO curtains besides the
    main. Interest in theatre wasn’t very big… or band, etc. Great job again!!

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