5 Comments on “Some calling for Olympic boycott over Russia’s anti-gay policies”

  1. If Russia does not do something to change this fast, I will not take part
    of watch any part of these games. I cannot support something that is just
    so horrible. Russia needs to wake up. Boycott or else!

  2. prove that gays and bisexuals are mentally ill….go on, prove it….i want
    you to give a scientific explanation to back your statement. I would warn
    you that I was brought up in a family of doctors and scientific researches
    who would laugh at your idea that being gay or bisexual is a mental
    illness.so I would like you to enlighten the scientific community with
    evidence that clearly shows without doubt that gays are mentally sick.

  3. It seems that there are many uneducated people who are anti gay claiming
    that we gays are seriously and mentally sick or retarded in a severe way. I
    challange them to back up there statements with real scientific evidence
    that this is so.

  4. So would you treat your mentally ill person with down syndrome or mental
    retardation with that kind of horrible violence? I think Russia is just
    looking for a way into hell, and you found it. Hating others for what they
    practice is vile. Someday you will be able to join the 21st century and
    grow up.

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