46 Comments on “Spettacolare volo di Sepp Blatter (hahaha)”

  1. Fat lazy corrupt bastard has ruined the game so much and held it back from
    positive changes its ridiculous. FIFA and Mr. Blatter are a total joke.

  2. Shame he wasnt shot the fcuking cheating FIFA corrupt scum. You’ll Never
    Beat the Irish (not fairly anyway). Fair Play my bollix.

  3. well, i guess we all agree: mr. blatter is a big asshole. he sold his soul
    for money many years ago. and the entire fifa ist worse as the mafia in
    russia. but that makes sense to me: one asshole mr. putin, and the other:
    mr. blatter are the perfect corrupt couple. and katar: well – it´s up to us
    all, not to watch any of this games. let us boykott the corrupted games!
    it´s up tu us folks! we make the difference!

  4. I dun give a damn who wins the bids, all I care is about fairness in the
    game void of controversy. Why is Sepp Blatter so hesitant in implementing
    goal line technology and video replay which is already in use in other
    sports? The only reason Sepp hate it its because its harder to match
    fixed!!! I smell corruption…SIGH~~

  5. @dilic It is unfair to make fun of him because of his age. If you want to
    make fun of him because he is a lying, cheating, egotistical, corrupt,
    hypocritical, sexist, bribe-taking, prostitute using, back stabbing bastard
    , however, then I’m right behind you….

  6. Okay, not everyone, that’s a silly thing to say The majority of the
    population of the rest of the world does though.

  7. Little fat fuck always falls on little fat feet. Obnoxious little round
    piece of slithery scum !!

  8. Blatter “Thev actually asked for ze replay haha” Go back to your Alpine
    chocolate watchouse you nazi banker and take that sneak banana Henry with
    you and catch Aids. Shafted now, and soon to be shafted in seedings with
    horrible groups in the future. Pr**k.

  9. To all who love the game: Everyone, please for the love of the game,
    Boycott World Cup until Sepp Blatter Step DOWN!!!!

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