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  1. 3:00 Don’t compare gays to women because both can vote.
    3:25 Being gay IS A LIFE STYLE and a Surfer is a HOBBY idiot.

  2. there is no scientific base to say this is a condition one is born with,
    genetic clones, that is, identical twins, are not simultaneously gay or
    heterosexual… one can have a tendency possibly of some varying degree,
    but definitely it’s not hard coded, identical twins prove that… and it’s
    so obvious btw, all human behavior is both influenced by genes and social
    interactions, all of it, even of course heterosexuality, and gender roles
    which feminists will claim are 100% social structure (which is false, 50,
    60 maybe, but not 100), so why deny a social component of homosexuality?…
    because it would make humans susceptible to homosexual propaganda just like
    we´re susceptible to sexist gender role propaganda and thus plausible of

  3. Kudos to Takei!!! He’s the man! I’d love to meet him one day! Very patient
    and well mannered for such a personal and important topic for himself. Also
    he did a great job representing the gay community. Just to be clear I’m
    straight, and guess what. Who cares!!! Judge people based off of the
    individual person, not their color, sex, race, and orientation!!! Let’s
    start acting like we’re in the 21st Century people!

  4. People always bring up America’s Christian tradition, and yes, there’s no
    doubt that Christianity was a major part of early American culture during
    and after the founding of the nation, but that doesn’t mean you have to
    appeal to tradition on every issue.

    I’m not an American, by the way (Canadian), but I do know that America is a
    secular nation. Even disregarding that, does anyone know how diverse
    Christianity is? There’s a lot of contention on the issue of homosexuality
    within all the major religions, be it Christianity, Judaism, Islam,
    Hinduism, etc.

    These people that want their religion to dictate people’s lives and have
    that supported by the government don’t realize how dangerous that is and,
    additionally, how much that will endanger their faith. What if the
    government is basing its decisions of the “wrong” Christianity. See how
    easy it is for that to happen?

    Don’t let your own personal faith be the basis for everyone’s freedoms or
    rights. Think about society beyond your religious view.

  5. It’s funny to me that they are saying that there is separation between
    church and state. Because the church is continuously being forced to abide
    by the state, and we cannot even be allowed to think for ourselves. It’s

  6. well i hope to see couples of gay people having their own babies that dont
    need to recurre to a third party, hope the law can help them to do that too

  7. Takei is asking for people to leave out their religious views. However,
    even when religious people speak at a secular level they’re still being
    accused of being “religious”. What Takei is really saying is that unless a
    person agrees with him or supports gay marriage then they’re probably just
    religious bigots. 

  8. I recently let go of my faith in a “God” of any type (was a Christian)
    It wasn’t long after that I realized that I had no reason to hate/dislike
    the ONLY thing in my life that told me that homosexuality was wrong was
    thinking back I feel sick about how I looked down on gay and lesbians like
    they were lesser beings, misguided and confused. I still have issues
    understanding homosexuality as I am not gay, but I have no real reason to
    dislike someone because they are gay, no higher knowledge like Christianity
    would have you believe. Religion, Especially Christianity Is Sick and

  9. The gay interviewer is going to defend the gay side no matter what, and
    knock the Christian faith no matter what. He is very hypocritical, he is
    the type of person who will not stop until you say uncle (and thats how he
    wants society changed). He has a lot of nerve. And no Connor John,
    being straight is not a life style, sex was designed physically for
    between a man and woman, they fit properly in case you did not notice.
    The nonsense they want us to accept. Nice try Conner John, or should we
    say John the Con. And saying that surfing is a lifestyle-how stupid,
    surfing is a sport!!

  10. Stephen Baldwin – the runt of the Baldwin litter. Respect to George Takei
    for being level headed and eloquent, especially in response to such ugly
    biblical rhetoric. 

  11. But Uncle George, the respect will never be mutual because Stephen and Kirk
    are both closet cases and will probably never come out, and be miserable
    until the day they die, unlike yourself who millions respect because of
    your candor and openness! God bless you George!

  12. I agree with Steven as well. They didn’t seem at all really interested in
    what Steven had to say, so it looked to me like he was just asked on the
    show to be the “Christian” whipping boy. For Christians it should not be
    about judging the person who is homosexual, it’s about how God views it. It
    is God who will judge the hearts of mankind, NOT the Christian. There isn’t
    a Christian who ever lived that is perfect enough to condemn anyone to
    hell, for anything. That is reserved for God to decide. We are called to
    share the good news that Jesus died for mankind’s sins and that if they
    sincerely ask him into the hearts and lives, and to forgive their sins, he
    will. Romans 10:9-10

    I have friends & co-workers who are homosexual who I love from the heart.
    They aren’t evil monsters, they’re human beings with dreams, problems and
    feelings, etc. just like anyone else. They should not be mistreated because
    of their sexual preference. Having said that, likewise (for Christians) we
    cannot condone their behavior when God’s word clearly states it is
    unnatural and if you have a problem with that, you’ll have to argue with
    the Bible. God bless you all and peace be with you.

  13. pro gay agenda is a joke, not only its unnatural, but its a politcal agenda
    to cause divide and hate.

  14. Whats next? Redifining marriage as one consenting adult and one DOG?
    Or Mother and adult consenting son?

  15. ‘God has a gift for everyone….even George..’.How kind of your christian
    god to include the dirty homosexual in his plans. if your god is happy with
    you being as thick as custard and very patronising, you can keep him.

  16. after watching Bio-Dome… I can never take Stephen Baldwin seriously….
    why do I get the feeling that this is all a long, drawn out troll???

  17. This topic drives me crazy. And what drives me even more crazy is how we
    Christians get dragged through the mud EVERY time we open our mouth. Kirk
    came on the Pierce Morgan show yes. However, you could CLEARLY tell that
    Pierce snuck up on Kirk with that question. Watch the video again if you
    have to. Pierce tried to do a sucker punch on Kirk and I think Kirk handled
    it very well for not being prepared for a question with so much sensitivity
    and controversy behind it. Kirk voiced his opinion with HONESTY. Had Kirk
    gave a diplomatic or “politically correct” answer to avoid controversy, he
    would have been splashed all over the media talking about how he’s a “fake
    Christian” and hypocrite. So you see, we Christians CAN NOT win no matter
    what we do or how we answer anything. Sin is sin and we ALL have to repent
    (which means to TURN AWAY from our old ways). Homosexuality is NO DIFFERENT
    than the severe like for pornography that I USED to have. I had to accept
    Christ, repent of my sins, and turn away from it. I am a Paramedic and
    there are MULTIPLE gay/lesbians in the EMS career field. They are some of
    the nicest, caring, and cool people, but that doesn’t make it right. As
    Christians we are supposed to love and care for ALL PEOPLE. Jesus Christ
    constantly surrounded Himself with sinners. Murderers, tax collectors,
    thieves, fornicators, demon possessed, adulterers, and prostitutes. People
    who are sick don’t go to the doctor do they? Real Christians DO NOT judge
    ANYONE for ANYTHING, but out of obedience to our God and love for people,
    we have to TRY OUR BEST to bring them to Christ. Brothers and sisters, just
    please stay strong and be prepared because more and more Biblical prophesy
    is coming more in the picture. Stay true to your faith and strong in the
    Holy Spirit! 

  18. Baldwin the man is correct.. Fuck your faith based judgement on homosexual
    marriage.. Your pathetic born again bullshit ramblings are from a burnout
    trying to make himself seem like an Evangelical Diplomat.. Keep your bible
    based beliefs where they belong… in the congregation of other morons …

  19. We need more people like Kirk Cameron and Stephen Baldwin in the media
    stream spreading the truth. 

  20. So a religion based upon a book which was written waaaaay before USA even
    existed as a country says that said country was founded upon Christianity.
    Makes no sense

  21. talking about civil law, down to the point men and women were born with
    reproductive parts, so how are you going to create a baby with woman and
    woman or man with man. we are to be reproduced.. Think about it if
    everyone was gay or lesbian it would be the end of civilization, why
    because you cant reproduce, and if you are going to have a child from a
    female prospective then don’t put a male hormone in you. Men that are gay
    don’t use some of yourself to be put into a woman willing to carry a child,
    if any do such thing then you cant truly be gay.

  22. Okay Angel… if a man chooses to bung hole another man… he CHOOSES to do
    that. A woman CHOOSES to be with another woman… You are not born gay…
    bless your heart.. a man is built with a natural mechanism to be fruitful
    and multiply…. not lick a cock.. sorry for the bluntness. but for
    goodness sake… Please accept the fact that you choose to be gay. Many
    choose gender change due to child hood trauma.. Many homosexuals are that
    way due to the same effect… Born Gay? OMG To say one is born gay is
    saying they were damed by God to start with. Give me a friggin break…
    Gay marriage does not belong in the church….it belongs in common law. if
    gays pay taxes then they should have the same rights as all tax payers..
    but you cannot expect christians to marry gays… get over it.

  23. so how does god feel about you fucking your wife in the ass? someone call
    bill Donoghue. many of us may be going to hell without even realising it. I
    need clarification.

  24. Who told George taki he couldn’t sit at the front of a bus, or eat at a
    counter in a restraunt or vote,Hollywood is out right Luciferian.

  25. Your right Stephen! We can argue till Jesus comes back! The thing that will
    be sad is when those who seem to think that its all a negotiable now, will
    think they will negotiate what they felt as a human being when Christ
    returns and will have a most unwelcome awaking. God will not be mocked.
    You can’t negotiate what God says.

  26. George Takei is not an authority over God. He is so condescending towards
    Stephen Baldwin as though he is the teacher. What a narcissistic bully. 

  27. Christianity and the bible have no credibility anymore. Most who claim to
    be Christian do not live by Christ’s virtues – it is all fake

  28. Homosexuality doesn’t have to mean sex. And anyways, there are a variety of
    activities we as humans participate in that the human anatomy isn’t
    “designed for”.

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