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  1. Instead of calling homosexuality a choice, can it not be categorized as a
    predisposition or predilection that does not inherently override

  2. I’m a bit homophobic but I can’t really help it. I think it’s just some
    part programmed in my genes or some effect of our society. Sadly I can not
    remove it. I can deny it but it’s still there. Ofc I don’t attack gays or
    make fun of them etc. I treat them like people but I got this stupid phobic
    part which I can’t help :(

  3. +Thomas Graben no, I’ve lived there all my life and it’s not that there’s
    no left people there, it’s that the whole country is so fucking right-wing
    that being a moderate-right (as our president is) is considered to be
    radical leftism.

  4. Love between a man and a woman is every bit as beautiful as the love
    between two men or two women. True love is beautiful, regardless of who is
    blessed with it.

  5. What cracks me up is when people say it’s a choice, and then in the same
    breath say it is a disease or mental illness. Please pick just one
    irrational and ridiculous position, you are destroying your own argument
    and depriving everyone else of the fun.

    Irrational fears are not that uncommon – for example, some people have an
    irrational fears of confined spaces or an irrational fear of open spaces.
    However, these people rarely campaign to ban lifts or have the open country
    roofed. Indeed, they generally keep fairly quiet about their condition and
    are usually a little embarrassed to admit to having these irrational fears.
    They tend to adopt a live and let live policy, e.g. they will take the
    stairs and not try to stop others taking the lift. They will often even
    seek psychiatric help to get over or at least manage their irrational

  7. i am gay and i want to tell you this, we”ll that’s your opinion isn’t it
    and i am not about to wast my time trying to change it ” you have to be
    unique and differente and shine in you own way. people will always talk, so
    lets give them something to talk about you. love is like a brick, you can
    build a house or sink a dead body. do not allow people to dim your shine
    because they are blinded, tell them to put on some sunglasses we are born
    this way bitch FUCK YOU

  8. All I say, is that whether or not being gay is inherent or learned is
    immaterial. I see no moral or scientific reason why two people of the same
    sex can’t be in a consensual relationship. 

  9. The joke was: (at 29:46)

    Do you know how to make a small fortune in publishing?
    Start with a large one

  10. what was the punchline of the joke at 29:46 ? Bacon (the bell-end) laughed
    over it and i couldn’t make it out.

  11. I watched this to the point where the interviewer made such a ridiculous,
    populist comment about America, in effect, having no liberal minded
    people.Can we please stop demonising America. I am not American, but am
    concerned about the view of the USA being full of rabid right wing loonies.
    There are free-minded, liberal thinking people there, and how must they be
    thinking when they hear comments like that.

  12. Well.. If I were gay, which I’m not..
    And if I were attractive.. Which I am most certainly not..
    I’d probaly try to get with Stephen Fry, simply because he is such a
    brilliant mind and well spoken person. I truly adore him. ^^

  13. He is right though, when he brought up in an episode of QI that there are
    hundreds of species of animal that engage in homosexuality from time to
    time, however there is only ONE species of animal that engages in fear
    and/or hatred of homosexuality via homophobia, and that’s human beings.
    Truly does make you wonder who is natural, and who is evil/wicked. I think
    the purpose of including homophobia in the bible though is partly because
    back then, before the Industrial Revolution, the increase of population was
    very slow. Mortality was high, especially in mothers and infants.

    I figure they wanted as many men and women hooking up lawfully through
    marriage as possible, and I believe the main benefit of marriage is that it
    helps prevent accidental incest; the couple adopting the last name of the
    man (traditionally), the youngsters adopting this last name, saying that
    men can’t go around knocking up women as much as possible, etc… even
    though I recall there being parts in the bible that condone, if not
    promote, incest. Funny book, the Bible, though any book made over a
    thousand years ago is bound to seem strange by modern standards. Just look
    back at the first rendition of Huckleberry Finn, the American classic! HOW
    many times does it have the N-bomb in there? Over 200 was it?

    Now I very much enjoyed the Wizard of Oz (1900?), as well as Oscar Wilde’s
    The Importance of Being Earnest (1891?), Charles Dicken’s Christmas Carol
    (1847?) as well as Hard Times (Mid 1800s) and even Sun Tzu’s The Art of War
    (500-300BC, around there?) but I won’t touch a novel that uses a derogatory
    term that much, even if it was considered normal to use back then.

    One last bit before I stop typing; about the ‘though any book made over a
    thousands years ago is bound to seem strange’ bit, I recall one section or
    story from The Art of War. Sun Tzu said he could make the girls of the
    Emperor of China ready for battle in a short period. When this period was
    done, these girls were told an order by Sun Tzu, perhaps “About Face” or
    “Left Turn”. They just burst into giggles. On repeating the order, he was
    again returned with giggles. He said something along the lines of “When the
    orders of the General are not clear, and the soldiers do not listen, it is
    the fault of the General. If the orders of the General ARE clear, and the
    soldiers do not listen, it is the fault of the soldiers.”

    So he had the two most beautiful of the girls come forth to be beheaded.
    These were the Emperor’s favourites, and he objected, but Sun Tzu said it
    had to be done. On seeing this, Sun Tzu returned to the new recruits, and
    began giving them the orders that they had been taught before the
    executions. Without so much as a grin, the girls obeyed, and so Sun Tzu
    faced the Emperor once again and said “Your soldiers are now ready for
    battle…” This is all based on memory of a book I hadn’t read in about 2
    years though. It cost me less than 10 dollars, you should be able to find
    it at a similar price, and if you’ve read ALL this already, I’m sure you’d
    do well on picking it up. It’s a very strange book though, and not read as
    books normally are, but the history is amazing. MANY historic Military
    figures have read it, including Rommel, Monty, and Napoleon I believe, just
    to name a few.

  14. I used that argument at 5:00 with my dad. Why would I choose to be gay
    when I knew it involved him being very angry about it? I think he finally
    understood then that it’s not a choice..

  15. In the middle of watching this I noticed that this was done on Oscar
    Wildes’ birthday. ‘Tis a nice coincidence.

  16. One of the things you learn quickly as a minority of any stripe is that you
    have to look after your own. No one else is going to. So while I know being
    gay isn’t a character reference to me it gains them points because I know
    what it’s like. We have to protect each other because society has shown for
    a long time they’re not interested and it wasn’t until we stood together
    that anyone cared.

  17. hypothetically , yes. such a reaction would be plainly rude. but why would
    anybody want to share private info with strangers?

  18. Actually, these diseases spread through sex of different genders as well,
    and also, Males most likely enjoy using condoms a lot Homosexuality has
    been around in society since it’s beginning, not only that but in nature
    too. The thing is, do you want to discriminate against people with
    different ideas or personalities? if so, didn’t your bible state that this
    would be a bad thing? Of course it did, you just degrade others for your
    own personal gain.

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