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  1. @BoredomCorner uhm im pretty sure thats not going to happen considering the
    fact that its Canada, and we have over 3000 war criminals running around in
    Toronto, doesn’t seem like r security or law enforcement is strong enough,
    and also why would we have a reason to torture someone, AND im pretty sure
    most Canadains are happy with him considering the fact he has a MAJORITY

  2. In Europe we call this kind of discourses extreme-right-wing. They make us
    remember of the Nazi times in Germany or the discourses that led to the
    genocides in the ex-Yugoslavia.

  3. @luvutubing …no I’m not. The man is a secret religious fanatic who
    believes that gays can be “cured” and if he gets a majority will turn this
    country into a war zone. But don’t trust me, google it yourself and see…

  4. @AtremiousLetsPlay Everything in that video has already happened. Harper’s
    record speaks for itself. So how is suggesting that I wouldnn’t trust him
    as far as I can spit illegal? Huh? What?

  5. Where was the content that said he hates gays?? I didn’t see anything about
    that there…your just scare mongering.

  6. @Raydolch 39.62% of the vote… Say what you want, but I don’t interpret
    this as Canadians wanting one party to have power unchecked by the

  7. @resistanceboy oh look harper has a majority i see no changes :/ next time
    use proof to make your videos not an “assumption”

  8. Whether Harper doesn’t persecute gays or not should he get a majority is
    not the only way gay people lose under a Conservative majority, or even
    minority government but it is rather in the lack of anything positive that
    the Conservative government does to help gay people. They have stopped
    funding gay events though they still fund straight. That in and of itself
    is disgusting enough – it is discrimination.

  9. Peaceful protesters that were burning cars and smashing windows. Most of
    the police were McGuinty’s OPP. You should raise your concerns with him.

  10. @BoredomCorner Wow where did you get all that? Some references please? You
    do realize that marriage is a provincial jurisdiction right? How could he
    scrap gay marriage? Marriage licenses are issued by the provinces. Same sex
    benefits for pensions and benefits in the federal public service and Crown
    corporations is ensured by the Charter as upheld by the Supreme Court. I
    haven’t seen any move by this Government to go after any of that…let’s
    face it they have bigger fish ie deficit and economy.

  11. @resistanceboy This has TOTALLY happened since then hasn’t it? Also, until
    you show actual proof of your claims, what you’re doing is actually illegal.

  12. I wonder how a closet case like John Baird and even that piece of shit
    Lorne Mayencourt could identify with this hateful group? Must be greed ans
    personal interests.

  13. I’m still trying to figure out what the connection is between conservatism
    and homophobia. I’d probably vote Conservative every time if the party
    wasn’t full of weird socially backwards religious types.

  14. @bgibb101 gay man murdered in Windsor just last year. gay kid beat up in
    london twice last year, health care slashed from transgendered by
    harrisakaharper conservatives… attempts to block gay marriage law…
    should I go on ? no support from government only condemnation. hellooo.
    zero compassion or tolerance for difference.

  15. @luvutubing are you stupid he is a fucking social-conservative, and you
    know what that means, moral values, and you know what that means,he is
    aganist gays rights…….dumbass, motherfucker, conservative basterd…..!

  16. @resistanceboy When is this war-zone going to pop out and show itself?
    Sometime in the next 4 years I suppose?

  17. @Raydolch That’s funny I see Harper trying to ram online spying through the
    House, covering up torture, attacking anyone questioning him, throwing out
    and arresting anyone not Conservative enough for his liking during election
    stops, censoring the press, and interfering in private-sector strikes for
    no reason.

  18. fear not, he won’t have my vote. F*cking homophobe! All the conservatives
    cares about is their own ass.

  19. @luvutubing You do know that this guy was openly homophobic as opposition
    leader, right? And that he attacked gays in a recent speech, as a “left
    wing fringe group”? And that one of the first things he did as PM was try
    to scrap gay marriage?

  20. @bgibb101 Many teen suicides due to bullying, are because they’re either
    gay or seen as gay. And if “traditional” marriage is a right, then so is
    gay marriage, when we’re supposed to be a secular and inclusive country.

  21. @frkonalsh Were you paying attention to how Harper’s G20 summit treated
    peaceful protesters, or how Harper himself treated non-Conservatives at his
    campaign stops?

  22. Harper won’t do anything to gays even if he wins a majority, you can relax.
    There would just be way too much resistance, there’s plenty of other things
    he could do without spending so much political capital.

  23. The only thing I could see was you guys just pull emotion on PM, not much
    different than Gun-grabbers who can’t find facts. I will say this,
    Conservatives get my vote, do I support them at heart? no I prefer
    libertarian. PS: I strongly support gay rights.

  24. @bgibb101 So, you’re an expert on mental illness? I’m actually gay and I
    assure you, I’m not mentally ill. I’ve been attracted to guys since
    puberty. Your choosing to describe my natural inclination as a mental
    illness just underscores your ignorance. Is heterosexuality a mental
    illness as well then. Must be. Sexual attraction is sexual attraction. As
    to the funding, why should I contribute to “your” celebration etc, and not
    be supported in return. So, no more tax exemption for churches? Yes!

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