8 Comments on “Stephen Harper’s Conservatives on Freedom and Gay Rights”

  1. #LPC leader Trudeau and #NDP leader Mulcair celebrate #prideto, let’s not
    forget where Harper’s #CPC stand. #cdnpoli´╗┐

  2. Not for a lack of trying. It was one of the first things Harper tried to do
    when he took office — I think he’s just moved on to bigger game, and is
    just smart enough to realize that Canada mostly accepts gay marriage, so
    there would be no point in trying to undo it.

  3. I realize they have a majority, I said if they had a large majority;
    something larger then they have now.

  4. This right-wing discourses of hate and fear really remind me of the very
    same political discourse of the Nazi Germany. He is no one to define which
    are the “real” canadian values. Real canadian values are the values of
    every canadian. Democracy is about tolerance and participation in society
    by all individuals and with equal opportunities. We cannot all think the
    same, but we can learn to co-exist, tolerate and respect.

  5. I’m sure the conservatives, if they had a large majority, would make gay
    marriage illigal again.

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