20 Comments on “Straight sportscaster rants about gay football player!”

  1. We need more people like this guy – it took guts to do this on his show in

  2. This is just an older generation not accepting things happening in a
    younger generation. Chances are that sportscaster is friends with a couple
    gay people and he doesn’t even know it.

  3. Sam was a projected 3rd or 4th round pick before coming out. They think he
    might fit better as an OLB because of his size….. his overall size, not
    his package size. P.S. Love the outtakes at the end :-D

  4. No offense, Josh, but when are you going to be doing more comedy bits and
    music parodies? 

  5. Now I know why I really love your videos so much, because you are the most
    if you know what I mean by that?

  6. I’m so glad (or GLADD) I’m subscribed to you, your videos always make me

  7. Great video and thanks for bringing this to my attention. I don’t watch
    much sport news but this is worth looking up. I shared this on my tumblr
    page and was going to tag you in it but then realized I don’t know if you
    have a tumblr page. If you do shoot me a link and I will put a link to it
    in the description of my post.
    P.S. Keep up the great the work 😉 

  8. Won’t it be nice when this is non-news? When no one will care who is
    straight or gay, and it will be as important as what colour socks they have
    on. The only thing football players should be worried about is if he can
    play well.

  9. NFL is a butt of a company. Really. It reminds me of of bratty children. I
    swear they PMS harder than Brittney Spears, honestly. 

  10. This post is about “straight”,,,,,,as in Dale Hanson set the record
    “straight.” Well put Dale ! ,,,, as in the con fluted reasoning of some
    “straights”,,,,,as in Dale is not the only old, white “straight” guy in
    Texas that recognizes your communities’ struggles ( “straight” scoop: that
    would be me and others ),,,,,as in,let me give this to you “straight”—
    like Dale “straight” dudes are sometimes uncomfortable,,,but that’s our
    defect we must deal with, not yours.And we will ALL be measured by how we
    treat our brothers and sisters. Never surrender your fight for human
    dignity,,,and know that you will find friends in the most unexpected
    places. ( PS: you a funny dude Josh. Good outtakes. Good luck!

  11. We do need more people like him.its up to the straight, and gay community
    to support things like this.

  12. Great point who cares if he’s gay it shouldn’t matter if he is gosh ppl
    grow up gays exist

  13. You are right about the gay community but also gay people know a lot of
    straight people and I think they can also understand how to tell others
    that others need to to just let others be themselves and they can
    themselves as well

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