4 Comments on “Struggle for gay rights in Jamaica”

  1. Jamaica is not the only island in the Caribbean that feels this way. I am
    not supporting the anti gay mentality, however, other countries/islands
    have in their constitutions that homosexuality is wrong. With that being
    said, why aren’t those countries being attacked; and so much emphasis is
    being placed on JA? The JA constitution does not promote violence towards
    homosexuality, nor is it illegal; its the people who are doing this! Stop
    penalizing the entire island for the actions of others!!! All Jamaicans do
    not think it is right to KILL gays. This is totally false!

  2. Homosexuality is wrong, of God wanted it that way then, he would make man
    reproduce with another man but, he knew it was immoral, so, he made man for
    woman. Here comes the devil to try to change Gods universal law, the devil
    is a liar. Homosexuality is a form of world depopulation, that’s why the
    devil on earth tried to pass many homo laws. Homo is a form and tactic they
    use to reduce the world population. They’re promoting this is many
    countries, in USA, AFrica, Europe, Asia, people need to wake up and try to
    survive for the good, or they’ll wake up to late

  3. This is so sad people have to live they own lives
    If you want to be diferent that is ok 

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