17 Comments on “STUDY: Gays Die Younger In Anti-Gay Regions”

  1. When he talks like that I can’t help but laugh. That thing he does with his

  2. Cardiovascular disease? High stress/blood pressure? I mean, this study
    makes all the sense in the world, but I never thought it’d be as high as a
    12 year margin… things need to change baaaaaadly… they happily chip
    away at the lives of other human beings for self-gratification… because
    that’s all Christianity appears to be from an outsider… an attempt to
    satisfy your own “idea/interpretation” of God and his “perspective” in how
    the world must work. In essence, all this amounts to is satisfying a
    personally biased analysis of a 2,000 year old written work…
    self-gratification of fulfilling your own views subjectively reflected back
    from reading the text how YOU define it. You see the meaning how you want
    it, like any piece of literature…

    Almost sounds narcissistic when I explain it like that. In the end,
    they’re only appealing to themselves in the name of a “God”, and writing
    their behavior off as something elses “whim”. It’s dangerous to behave
    like this…. and leads to incredibly unethical actions. It needs to stop.

  3. Steal money from a right winger and they lose their minds. If they steal
    the LIVES of others – thats fine – its a deep shame its not right wingers
    that suffer for the mess they make of the world…

  4. The Bible still killing folks by empowering bigots to self righteously
    insult, abuse, demonize and sometimes maim and kill their brothers and
    sisters after 2000’s years and counting.
    Religions, churches and those who profit from preaching the Bible, don’t
    deserve special reverence or government sponsored tax breaks. They deserve
    ridicule and bankruptcy for usurping it’s man made alleged god given power
    to indoctrinate, deceive and enslave folks to obey it’s toxic bigoted
    commands and for leaching of society.

  5. I’m sure this doesn’t have anything to do with it?

    “In 2008, men who have sex with men (MSM) accounted for 63% of primary and
    secondary syphilis cases in the United States. MSM often are diagnosed with
    other bacterial STDs, including chlamydia and gonorrhea infections.”

    Government study. I linked the website.

  6. I would never have guessed that they would need a study for something like
    that. You ask me the question, and I would have guessed that a Anti-Gay
    region would lead to shorter life of a Gay person. 

  7. All summer in 2011 I was always stressed out when I was in India because of
    bullying in school (ont because of sexual orientation though), though this
    was largely due to this thing I have called POIS. Just Google it.

  8. Makes sense, the body and the mind work together. If they feel depressed,
    it eventually translates into the body

  9. I had a feeling that stress would likely be the death of me. Oh how much I
    wish that I could afford to move away from this hell hole. :(

  10. They know what they’re doing is WRONG. They r killing themselves!

  11. Your 100% in your thoughts stress is one of the biggest killers on the
    planet, i think car accidents are the worst then wars then stress.

  12. Devastating. Truly tragic. Even though as an atheist which is the most
    hated group in the U.S. at least I can hide it easily (and do frequently).
    Often members of the LGBT community can’t hide it so easily.

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