17 Comments on “Study: Rich People Are More Entitled & Narcissistic”

  1. Lmao so because rich people feel entitled, poor people can steal tax
    dollars? I have met over 20 people abusing SSI and Food Stamps in my life
    personally. LMAO 33% of Puerto Rico alone is on social security for “Mood
    Disorders”. And why aren’t you talking about the Elite Democrat
    Narcissistic communists who want to tax the middle class out of existence.


  2. Narcissism is a good thing, that’s why successful people tend to be more
    narcissistic. Non-narcissists are just jealous.

  3. It’s pointless to whine. There will always be rich people. The French
    revolution couldn’t stop it (and it was wrong), the american revolution
    couldn’t stop it, not even Oliver Cromwell could stop it and look how
    ”wonderful” he was. I get that there will always be people better off
    than me and i get that no amount of guillotines will change that.

  4. Google another study with these keywords: “the wealthiest Americans donate
    1.3 percent of their income; the poorest, 3.2 percent.”

  5. None of those groups were trying to rid the world of the rich, just the
    current power structure.

  6. Kind of explains why CEO’s, politicians, and military officers feel they’re
    worth the big pay checks, and/or monster bonuses for doing absolutely

  7. Every time some one on fox news talks about poor being entitled I get so
    pissed because of course the rich are the ones USED to getting everything
    they want, so OF COURSE they are entitled.

  8. “Rich People Are More Entitled & Narcissistic” the title of the second
    headline. “Jumping naked in a swimming pool filled with water makes a
    person WET”

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