32 Comments on “Super Bowl Controversial Gay Face-Paint Advertisement – Pope Officiates Gay Marriage”

  1. Thanks! And I totally agree.. Let others discriminate. In the end it’ll be
    them who is left behind – not us!

  2. I was born in a small PA town close to the NYS border, besides PA, and
    Tulsa, OK I’ve lived in NYS most my life. As far as Christianity – I could
    live in a world w/o it ha!

  3. Top reporting as per usual Brad! My thinking cap is not on at the
    moment…need some coffee to wake up but do know that I am a YGN addict and
    watch you “religiously”…no pun intended, LOL! Timmy

  4. You always make fantastic news videos Bradley! I love that drawing! I
    actually wouldnt feel like calling the Pope Darth Sidious if he did that

  5. ikr ~ I like that the organization not only allows gay in, but treats boys
    and girls the same. We need more of that mentality in the world.. cause
    separating boys and girls only helps groom them for a world of inferiority
    VS rulers!

  6. haha religiously ha! Yeah I was woke up this morning by pounding on my
    door. I absolutely HATE being woken up unexpectedly! I had a terrible time
    waking up today as an outcome… I made 2 pots of coffee and still feel
    half asleep haha!

  7. Did I get that right? Putting the date of the super bowl on his face is
    promoting a gay agenda and insulting the christian religion? Shows how
    deluded some christians (Tebow) are. Cult followers, all of them. The pope
    is really Darth Sidious. LOL

  8. Aww *hugs* Thank Goodness people like you exist. I would have never known
    your sexuality ha! I’m very thankful people like you advocate for gay
    rights ~ We need more activists to join our ‘movement’ ha!

  9. Now you should go listen to it. Just YouTube search the keywords: Bradley
    voorhees American Boy and it’ll pop up – big american flag with my lips i
    think 🙂

  10. Hmm Brad your near clothless look.Look a lil like a young sexy 1980s George
    Micheal. ;-p The hair and facial hair and tummy where the clues.

  11. hehe Ya know I’ve obviously heard of George Michael, but never really took
    the time to find out who exactly he is – hahaha I’ll so have to look!

  12. Best of luck to the Brooklyn Scouts, I think this is a fantastic idea! It
    seems much healthier to teach children that discrimination is never okay.
    It also sounds like a lot more fun to allow boys and girls to join. If I
    had a son, I certainly would never put him in the Boy Scouts knowing that
    they have this policy!

  13. ikr! And it’s unusual to post a comment during a story – instead of
    in-between stories, but while i was editing the news your comment came in
    and I was like OMG what a coincidence and i just had to add it to the story

  14. Yeah – I guess because he wrote on his face he was mocking the christian
    ball player dude ~ I mean gtfoi!

  15. Thank you, Bradley, for helping me be an activist (really hard to do in
    Texas >.<). I may not be gay myself, but everyone deserves to love someone and to be able to marry them if they wish.

  16. Nice ruff face.Could caress slow.As a man with same can rub to yours
    together. Oh the doctor being…..Well I love it.Good.More should do it.

  17. Good luck to the Fifth Brooklyn Scouts! We should give cheers to the IL
    voters. In Washington…no loss, there are many other judges that will
    marry us. Thank you, Bradley, your video is added to our PRIDE World.

  18. Where are you originally from Bradly? Are you originally from New York?
    Anywho!!! I’m shocked of the homophobic country we live in where a handsome
    man Neil Patrick Harris, can’t do the same thing as a female Beyonce.
    People love football and Christianity like french fries and ketchup.

  19. glad I can say I was a part of it XD History has a way of repeating its
    self, once there was a time when wights couldn’t not marry people of color.
    In the end, human rights triumphed over human opinion. Basically the whole
    saying “if you don’t like it get over it!” lol

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