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  1. fine if you get the right to discriminate, i want the right to own slaves
    either agree, or be a hypocrite

  2. “Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of
    God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor
    adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality, nor thieves, nor the
    greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom
    of God.” 1 Corinthians 6:9-10.

  3. well 1st off there was no adam and eve or adam and steve or anything. And
    finally, the U.S was founded on the separation of church and state. That is
    why the country has multiple religions all with the same rights.

  4. what is the problem with calling it marriage? we “marry” ingredients or
    flavors when we cook…it just means to put two things together.

  5. That would make total sense if Adam and Eve ever existed, but since that
    was just an adult fairytale it really doesn’t…. make sense, I mean.

  6. I think the justices are going to dismiss for lack of standing. They spent
    half of the pro prop-8 guy’s time on standing. Not sure if thats how
    they’ll rule on DOMA too, but it seems likely as well.

  7. Craig, a dog doesn’t agree or desagree. Can you understand that this
    involves 2 PEOPLE wanting the same thing. There have been gays since all
    our human history, its funny that the greeks like Socrates who defined
    democracy for us, most were gay. Not that i wanna become gay for this
    reason. They not doing any harm unless your afraid you’d like it.

  8. Marriage is the union of two people who feel love for one another and make
    a conscious “choice” to be together 4ever. Marriage is not a union of

  9. Seeing as we are both destined for eternal damnation, why not live this one
    life I have in happiness, regardless of where our soul is bound. Besides,
    why the fuck do you care what your neighbors (gay neighbors) do in their
    bedroom? Are you seriously that goddamn insecure?

  10. I personally don’t see a problem with it. It’s not hurting anyone and
    everyone has a right to be happy, if it just so happen to make 2 males or 2
    females it shouldn’t matter. People fighting against it are either very
    nosey or just jealous

  11. David, let me say this – we may not be going forward (at this point, in
    this way); but we are NOT going back as you mentioned. I like to paraphrase
    Victor Hugo about this – ‘nothing can stop the juggernaut of an idea whose
    time has come’ and equal marriage is just that idea!

  12. Pleases dear overlords grant us “gay” marriage. If it were not for y’all
    how would we ever have a meaning full relationship with our partners?

  13. You and your views are destined for the trash heap of history and it can
    not be too soon. You reek of ignorance and blatant stupidity, it was your
    kind that fought against civil rights and you lost then too. It it not a
    matter of if but when your backwards spin is completely marginalized.

  14. With deeply conservative pundits like Rush coming out and saying “Gays win
    on this topic”, we might see that pressure push Roberts into a positive
    vote on these two issues. Conservatives are giving up, and the nation is
    pushing forward year after year. If Roberts is really that interested in
    his legacy, there is no doubt he’ll be on the right side of this. The
    trends are just far too obvious.

  15. if you don’t have a dark secret, it’s never too late to make one 😉 …Stay
    horny my friends.

  16. “EKG Tech.” you have a job that you can meet the requirements for with a 2
    year degree. not only are you not qualified to comment on genetics
    (something many medical doctors aren’t with good reason), you aren’t even
    qualified to handle patient care or make diagnosis. the nurses are
    literally more qualified. you know lying is a sin right? misrepresenting
    your training and expertise? you should really examine your life.

  17. “I’m in the medical field” ya, bullshit. not that it matters. “it is not
    natural because of the genetics / genes are wrong.” case in point. “Whom
    did Cain marry?” if it was “adam and eve”, you have 2 options. or are you
    arguing there were other people? in that case, it wasn’t “adam and eve” it
    was “adam, eve, steve, carol, mike, marcia…” xD

  18. Gays need to stop their movement. If they choose to be gay than do so but
    there is no need to change the country to recognize their screwed up
    lifestyle as normal. If I choose to sleep with married couples, it is my
    choice, but you won’t see me demanding to be allowed to marry a husband and
    wife. Or if I wish to fck my sister—– I’m not demanding the right to
    marry. Be gay and be happy—- but I have an issue when they want to make
    it law. Next we’ll have man and dog getting married.

  19. i’ve given up trying to guess what the SCOTUS does. the way they ruled on
    obamacare (going with congress’ spending power, a minor argument) was
    unexpected, so I expect this one to be as well.

  20. No surprise that Scalia is acting like a used ass-wipe during the 3/26
    arguments. The hypocrite makes the Constitution say anything his warped
    mind wants it to say and calls himself an “originalist.” He makes me sick.

  21. “righties are the ones who want to turn everything over to ‘overlords:’ the
    private ones”, “especially from people like you who think everyone should
    follow orders from some boss in some private leader-follower paradise”, why
    are you asserting my believes to make a dumb point? lol So go to the State
    you and I supposedly “control” and hope the Supreme Court GODS grant gay
    couples marriage, because remember: If it were not for the State, gays
    would never have meaningful relationships.

  22. You fucked up, sadistic, vegetable. Public displays of affection are weird
    either way. Who cares if two men/women are holding hands or kissing? that’s
    what friends do. It’s a shame that fucked up people like you still hold
    political power.

  23. hopefully the supreme court will make it so the states that have pretty
    much made abortions illegal will take away those laws so woman can have
    safe legal abortions thx for the ha bisky vid

  24. are you retarded? (no offense to those with mental disabilities) do you
    even know the justices? (not JUDGES). do you there are some more liberal,
    one in the middle and some on the right. go crawl back into the hole you
    came from.

  25. Fuck you. I’m gay and I have a boyfriend, and my Christian mom hates me for
    it. But she isn’t throwing stones at me, now is she? Basing your beliefs on
    an ancient book written by animal sacrificing savages isn’t the smartest
    thing to do. Oh, and the whole Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve thing, is
    the stupidest fucking thing you pathetic Bible Bumbers have ever come up
    with. Have fun jerking off thinking about how holy you are.

  26. Too bad, marriage is no longer a religious ceremony, it’s a legal term, a
    contract. You might not want to call it marriage, but, it is still marriage
    none the less.

  27. Because it is impossible to have “Separate but equal”. We tried that
    already with the Jim Crow laws and that ended in One side getting the
    better end of the bargain. If you want true equality, you must give
    everybody the same thing. Either call it all Civil Unions, or call it all
    Marriage. But if you separate them you risk getting same inequality colored
    schools or transportation had in America.

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