15 Comments on “Supreme Court Waiting to Issue Prop 8 Ruling: Oct 1 Marriage News Watch”

  1. RE: Parents of deceased daughter trying to prevent dead woman’s widow from
    taking possession of a fund that is rightfully hers. Speculation on the
    parents motives; greed, punishment/revenge against widow or perhaps trying
    a last ditch attempt to help set a legal precedence to deny LGBT people
    their rights? Most likely a combination of the first two reasons. I would
    be interested in the parents thoughts on LGBT rights. [Not special rights;

  2. It’s rather pathetic that people are actually fighting to prevent couples
    and their families from being protected like all other married citizens are.

  3. I like these updates, but can you actually cite polls when you report them?
    For instance, instead of just going “a new poll in Illinois says
    (blahblahblah)” say something like “according to a new poll conducted by
    the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute…” Also, with this particular poll,
    it would help to let us know that this was a three-way poll (including
    civil unions as an option) since 44 percent is actually less than expected
    in Illinois. Sorry, nit-picky, but this stuff matters.

  4. It’s funny how that in America, when the people speak, loudly and clearly,
    the losing side insists on taking it to court because it didn’t go their
    way. Al Gore did this, and eventually had to admit that the best thing to
    do was accept the will of the people.

  5. Not at all. The likely reason is that they want to conferance all the
    marriage cases together on the same day, likely after the election (the
    first conferance being on Friday, November 9th). I still highly suspect
    that they won’t hear the Prop 8 case.

  6. Bad news. That means the Supreme court thinks there is reason to doubt the
    legality of gay marriage equality. Sad.

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