9 Comments on “Syrian U.N. Ambassador Calls Obama Bully Of This World”

  1. we are right, Americans actions is insulting to the UN and anyone who has a
    decent form of intellect. bypassing UN International law is illegal and
    immoral too they would not want to work for an international ban of
    possession chemical weapons which can be easily achieved. No they just want
    to bomb an democratically elected sovereign nation for other reasons in
    favor of Zionist Israel and Saudi profits. If USA don’t uphold the law how
    can it judge others?

  2. No. This guy is wrong. Obama is not the bully of the world. He`s the MORON
    of the world! Starting ANOTHER war in The Middle East, and taking the side
    of al-Qaeda and CANNIBALS?

  3. i am black but i things America going too far don’t blame Obama it s white
    people behind this. its not Obama fault I know America don so much bad
    things in the World. but is not Obama, george bush is the one

  4. Obama wake up! It is a civilized world! You can`t kill whoever you suspect.
    To punish someone you have to have 100% proof and authority to punish! You
    have niether of those! So you`re a dictator and if you`ve got the nerve to
    strike you`ll be an aggressor and you`ll pay for that! No matter if he gets
    Congress support! With no UN mandate it is illegal! Every Congressman who
    supports the srikes puts himself into a position of a war criminal just
    like Obama and reserves a jail cell just next to him

  5. @Patrick I’m from usa and I never voted for obama because I knew this was
    coming. America is not bad its the leaders, president and government. I use
    to love america but things are changing and obama is evil going againts
    god.. God bless to all the people be careful and accept jesus christ into
    your life.

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