9 Comments on “Syria’s child refugees: ‘You feel that they have lost their hearts’”

  1. well,I can tell as a Syrian refugee in Amman
    there children are the pride left within us..
    God bless Syria

  2. Through the eyes of a Syrian Child 🙁

    Syria’s child refugees: ‘You feel that they have lost their hearts’

  3. awwwwee tht lil girl id love to adoped her … shes adorable n gawjuss …
    ! all those children do not desrve any ov this ANY OV IT …

  4. Will anyone explain to these children why their lives are the way they are?
    Western forces funding foolish Islamic terrorist in an effort to overthrow
    the last major independent Arab nation on their way to Iran.

  5. It’s amazing how quickly a child can mature depending on his/her
    surroundings and circumstances.. These children have clear goals, a sense
    of home and what it means to be free.. God bless these children.

  6. You can tell camaroon to stop sponsoring proxy wars, without asking us the
    people first, also stop supporting salafi ideoligy ie saudi

  7. An insightful, moving and thought-provoking film-clip that gives one a
    deeper understanding of the emotional trauma suffered by these children
    (and all refugees). Thank you!

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