Tea Partiers Try to Crush GOP Senator…For Not Being Crazy Enough?

“Twenty Tennessee-based tea party and conservative groups published an open letter Wednesday to Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN) urging him to retire, the Wall St…

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  1. “Twenty Tennessee-based tea party and conservative groups published an open
    letter Wednesday to Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN) urging him to retire, the
    Wall Street Journal reported.

  2. What an intellectually sloppy remark. The US does not bomb or strike “the
    world” with drones. Outside of Afghanistan, there are only a small number
    of countries where we have taken limited military action in the past four
    years. Wingnuts like you have a habit of inflating this into a global
    conflagration killing millions of innocent people. But hey, there is money
    to be made in telling you those lies, and you like to lick it up, so you’re
    the sucker and they’re the ones getting rich feeding you.

  3. many tea party people i have talked to think that a congress that does
    nothing is the best kind of Congress. they want a disfunctional government,
    its a point of pride for them

  4. It just scares me that there are people that think extreme-wing Republicans
    aren’t extreme enough.

  5. BTW he voted for gun-ban, and more spending when there is no cash, we are
    in a huge debt. Check: /watch?v=7qDRIiY5m9U Guess the liberal bitc? didn’t
    tell you this did he.

  6. TYT is just another liberal prostitute. Working on PMSnbc, wasn’t crazy
    enough had to throw him, lost his nuts and got this page.

  7. Where’s the money Lebowski? – Enough with the politico yak-yak. The greedy
    elite are not stupid. As the GOP sails to the edge of the world, greedy
    elite rats are going to jump ship. – So…where has the greedy elite money
    been going? (How about a graph? Yak-yak goes in one ear….)

  8. Progressives don’t want rights they want control. They care not one bit
    about minorities or the environment except for the fact they use it for
    control over people. Their ideas have destroyed people’s lives and killed

  9. Your saying that Harry S Truman Lyndon B. Johnson John F. Kennedy Chairman
    Mao Stalin are all right wing extremists? They all killed socialist and
    communists. So that makes people a rightist if you kill them huh? He is a
    leftist because he was on leader of national socialist party and he also
    pushed socialist leftist policies.

  10. Fuck this government. This country could be AMAZING again if it weren’t for
    this fascist duopoly filled with greedy maniacs.

  11. Truth hurts huh? Look totalitarianism is on the left of the political
    spectrum and anarchy is on the right. Which do you think Hilter was
    pushing? Was Hitler for more or less government control? Did he think
    government was the answer or the problem? History shows he was for
    government control and totalitarianism so he was a leftist. I know you
    don’t like having all evil regimes on the left but that is what happens
    with more government.

  12. Why is that? Is it because you found out that Nazis were a totalitarian
    regime and that totalitarianism is on the left of the political spectrum?
    It is sad when people don’t look at the facts and see the truth. Of course
    leftists don’t want all the worst governments on their side but well when
    you have minimum government they don’t tend to be bad.

  13. Name calling and distorting the facts wow. No one is trying to establish a
    Christian theocracy we do have freedom of religion in this country and
    progressives like Pelosi think it isn’t a right not people on the right.
    Yeah Hitler was a leftist he was head of the National Socialist party. Last
    I saw socialist where leftist. Haven’t seen any evidence he was a right

  14. Wow can’t debate a point when all the facts are against you so you call
    someone names and quit. I know the truth hurts but maybe you will see the
    light and stop supporting the progressives.

  15. Yeah, since Ted Cruz doesn’t exist, and since Marco Rubio doesn’t exist and
    since Rand Paul doesn’t exist, right? Pull your head out of your ass,
    you’re full liberal propaganda, but you know nothing about the TeaParty,
    nor how many actually attend them. Three right? Oh, and BTW any of the
    mentioned would have been far superior than O’ bama (say it like a

  16. Well I keep giving you the information to prove he was. Of course a leftist
    professor wouldn’t want to be on the same side of the political side as
    Hitler. But that doesn’t mean that Hitler wasn’t. He was the leader of the
    national socialist party of Germany. Socialist are leftist. He was a
    totalitarian and they are leftist. He is a leftist.

  17. Probably because America’s situation is a very bad joke and people are just
    laughing too hard to notice that they’re the butt of it

  18. Because luckily most of the day-to-day work of the government is done by
    civil servants who apply for their jobs and are hired on the basis of merit.

  19. @camelCaseFTW your comment makes no sense. This video was about the Tea
    Party, not the people in government.


  21. Wow more name calling and distorted facts. Progressivism destroys lives. It
    takes away freedom and gives control to the government. Why is it you want
    the government telling you exactly what to do? What you can eat, work,
    live, what to believe or say? To tell you if you can defend yourself and
    about how much you can save for retirement?

  22. So the TeaTard Repugnicans are admitting now that they have no intention of
    ANY bipartisanship – the concept this countries govt. and foundation are
    built upon… but of course, it’s going to be the Democrats fault when this
    gets pointed out… Teatards… the American Taliban

  23. I never thought I’d live to say this: but am I the only one who’s starting
    to desperately misses Dan Quayle? You guys remember Dan Quayle, right?
    Murphy Brown? Potato speller? Guy who is no Jack Kennedy? There was a time
    when conservatives were laughably out-of-touch–but at LEAST you could
    actually WORK with them. Now, it’s like they’re trying to “outcrazy”
    themselves. Mark my words, Internet: at the RNC nominations for 2026, they
    WILL begin arguing in favor of a “heliocentric universe.” @[email protected]

  24. So, who should decide that the laws are bogus and should be ignored? You?
    Manning? Judges and prosecutors? How could you possibly have a functioning
    society if everyone made up their own mind about what laws were “bogus” and
    which can be ignored at any time for any reason? How would you feel if a
    cop arrested you and a judge convicted you because they thought laws
    legalizing pornography or alcohol were “bogus” and they were just going to
    take the law into their own hands?

  25. “Over the last 30 odd years, Democrats have moved to the right and the
    right has moved into the mental hospital.” –Bill Maher

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