49 Comments on “Tea Party Most Anti-Gay Political Group”

  1. Gay is abnormal, immoral, unsupportable and above all it is a sin, an
    abomination, a deformation

  2. That’s funny, I’ve been seeing ads for a movie called DREDD 3D. At least
    there’s the mute button or ‘skip this ad’ after 5 seconds.

  3. The tea party Terrorist are ant-gay, anti-woman, anti-science,
    anti-education, anti-minorities and anti-American… just to name a few.

  4. If the Tea Party hates gays, that actually makes me want to become gay. Too
    bad it’s not a choice.

  5. The Religious right simply morphed into the Tea Party. Their “fiscal
    concerns” are just a facade for the same-old extreme religious/conservative
    social agendas.

  6. And the hilarious irony of it all is that these asshats actually originally
    called themselves “Teabaggers” before they realized what the word meant,
    flourishing for years in their kids’ tumbler photos. They quickly retooled
    their name to “Teapartiers” but the damage had already been done, & the
    “Teabagger” moniker stuck.

  7. The tea party is a disaster! Look at Palin Bachmann, Akin, and Mourdock and
    Cruz and Rand Paul the moron!

  8. Yeah right cumguzzler, You just hadnt been caught yet!!! A park ranger will
    catch you suckin dick under the slide one of these days!!! I think you
    should talk to your goonion reps about your slander gripe……Would’nt
    take near the # of blowjobs that it took to get/keep your job…lol You
    look like Loughner,Lanza or the theater shooter, a regular inbalanced nut
    job!!! Take your meds stupid!!!!

  9. Of course the Tea Party is anti gay, so were the Founding Fathers. Who did
    you think wrote the first anti- sodomy laws in the U.S?

  10. It used to be the promiscuity of gays that Tea Party types didn’t like, now
    it’s when they want to settle down in a monogamous relationship that pisses
    them off. If any Teabagger is reading this then please message me to
    explain this because I can’t figure it out.

  11. is that the kid of bs that republicans and the tea pary feed you and your
    gonna believe that wow just wow

  12. Wait a second, I thought tea partiers were about small, non intrusive
    government, so why do they care if the gov’t allows same sex marriage? Oh
    yeah because they are lying bigoted hypocrites, I forgot.

  13. Let the tea freaks hang a bunch of fruit flavored tea bags on their heads
    and then allow the wasps and hornets to sting the hell out of em!

  14. The essential lie about the Tea Party is that they were a different group
    than the people who put W. Bush in office twice and kept us in Iraq for
    years. Basically they put on funny hats and wigs and pretend to be
    different people. For a group that hates gays as much as they do they sure
    look camp. The Tea Party is basically their Drag Show.

  15. Why is it that when a politician ends up in a scandal where they are
    dressed up in womens clothes and a transvestite hooker is inserting a
    television remote into their anus… it turns out 95% of the time that it’s
    a republican?

  16. Tea party patriots hacked my group on Facebook but there will be an arrest
    soon because I am pressing charges!

  17. I fucking knew that chives and green onions were different…come on Louis!
    You said you worked in produce!

  18. The tea freak who hacked my facebook is in trouble! I will fight this idiot
    until he is in a cell with big Bubba and I am NOT stopping there!

  19. The Republican number would be a lot lower but there are always random
    people apart of the large Republican party that don’t even know what it
    means to be Republican.

  20. You Hillbillies in Mississippi need to burn in hell for shutting down
    abortion clinics! Lots of incest goes on there!

  21. Why do these guys in the video think that the tea party members are
    secretly pushing for anti gay legislative. They were asked by the
    Washington Post if they were in favor of same sex marriage. THAT WAS THE
    QUESTION! they answered in their own opinion! Tea Party members want to go
    back to the constitution and smaller gov’t, like the host in the vid sayed,
    but the topic brought up in the video had to do with a poll and not the
    main issue the protestors are there for.

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