48 Comments on “Teen Dies After Being Tasered for Graffity by Cops”

  1. This is a crock, the punk was destroying public property. When the police
    told him to stop he ran. He tried to lose the police. When you run from
    the police yelling at you to stop, these are the chances you face. It was
    his own fault.

  2. Tazers are supposed to be aimed at the targets back so the shock goes
    through the spinal cord with a much lower chance of affecting the heart
    (hence the criminal negligence charge).

  3. Stop it with your rational thinking. The cops high five was to transfer the
    evil power they had harnessed by killing an innocent victim.

  4. Any weapon that has the potential to kill a person, inadvertently or not,
    should only be used to prevent the imminent death of another person. The
    law clearly says that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. The police
    are there to apprehend suspects, but they remain presumed innocent until a
    verdict. Risking killing a person just for not obeying a command is
    disproportionate and immoral.

  5. *police start walking twords you yelling after they catch you spray
    painting on a building* of course you’re going to run, that’d scare the
    shit out of anyone, it doesn’t give the police free reign to taze the kid
    to death though, especially since they could have easily tackled him

  6. Officer followed procedure the host here has it spot on if he had not run
    he would not have been tapered

  7. Tasers are for fat, poorly-trained cops who can’t think critically. We tell
    our kids not to stick their fingers in electrical outlets but electrocute
    them for minor mischief. Really sad.

  8. you’re really gonna shoot someone running away because of graffity? They
    should have ran after him. If the taser is supposed be a substitute for a
    real gun that implies they would have otherwise shot him which is insane.

  9. no more pat boone walk in tub commercials
    pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaase!!!! there everywhere i go!!

  10. Tasers are only warranted as a non-lethal alternative to shooting someone.
    Do you think this child deserved to be shot?

  11. This case, unlike a lot of others I hear about, is such a giant grey area
    that I agree with not knowing how to feel about it. Other than maybe the
    police trying to tackle the kid as an alternative to the taser, they did
    their job the whole time, since the kid did actively run away like a
    jackass. Of course, he didn’t deserve to die, but under no circumstances
    were the police doing anything other than just making him stop running.

  12. Here in Florida we got the correct story, the kid had two look outs while
    he sprayed painted graffiti on public property. When the police approached
    him they ran. They ran for several blocks trying to evade the police.
    Finally when they got close, they tasered him. He was destroying public
    property. I was a criminal evading the police. He deserved. Miami crime is
    COMPLETELY out of control. People killing each other left and right in
    Miami Gardens and the police can’t control them.

  13. Why couldn’t they tackle and restrain him physically? Only if at that point
    he could not be subdued should they have first deployed pepper spray and
    then tazed if that failed. It should always be in that order unless a
    suspect is armed with a dangerous weapon. Too many cops go for the tazer as
    a first response to non-compliance.

  14. Guns are a Last resort. LAST. Tasers are the better alternative. STILL A
    LAST RESORT. You whining about Taser tech and not gun tech. Stupid

  15. You have not idea of what’s going on. Neighbors moving because of the
    crime. As I said, spend the night in Miami Gardens and then come back and
    tell me to stop spamming.

  16. Pretty nasty , he didn’t deserve to die what you smoking Pakman? Way off
    that you on dark side of moon. Tasers are not so un lethal, a lot more
    deaths from them then is said. Obviously still not more than guns or most
    weapons- but not zero deaths. Wouldn’t surprise if he was tasered multiple
    times. Hope the cops carve into them a death that they caused of a kid.

  17. This kind of disproportional force is what causes a general disregard for
    law enforcement and order (along with massive social deprivation, massive
    wealth inequality lack of free health care not to mention a highly armed
    society and the aggressive tendencies that engenders; to name but a few).
    You enforce minor laws strictly (Death for Graffiti), the less people
    respect the major ones. Now stop spamming this page with your verbal
    douchebaggery, George 🙂

  18. yup, you got the “from the locals” story, where they try to hide as much of
    the bad as possible

  19. Cops could have said, let’s get him some other time, instead they
    said:”Let’s get him!” The adrenaline starts going and they see red because
    he disobeyed them. It was a graffiti for fuck’s sake, not a bomb. Not worth
    risking the taser, which as you said is used very indiscriminately. Anyone
    who says tasing is no big deal should volunteer for a trial shock, see if
    they feel the same way after. And six cops for one teen? Over a graffiti?

  20. I don’t agree with David this time because in this case its not like this
    guy pulled out a weapon or showed signs that he was dangerous….at the
    same time since the cop didn’t shoot the guy with a gun he shouldn’t be
    charged too hard….Then again why the hell didn’t he just taze the runners
    legs to stop him from running…

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