17 Comments on “Tegan and Sara on Gay Rights”

  1. What makes me really mad is how people react to gays; especially Tegan and
    I introduced my friends to Tegan and Sara-they said that they were cool
    sounding and were very amazing. But the moment I told them that they were
    gay- they said that the girls absolutely sucked. I told them to give them
    another chance, that thy should look past that and enjoy their music-they
    won’t give T+S another listen ever again.

    I hate how in society today that people automatically believe that if
    you’re gay, you don’t mean shit in this world. That you don’t belong-that
    you should change. That the word gay defines who you are as a person.
    There’s so many closed-minded people here in America-in this world-that
    will never understand gays or why they matter to society too.

    I go to a Christian school, and day by day, I have to listen to the trash
    that people say about gays-about how it’s a sin and how God hates them for
    who they are and that it says it in the Bible. I know what it says in the
    Bible-but do they? So many Christians in this world anyways don’t open a
    Bible and read it thoroughly enough to see that God loves all his
    children-black or white, gay or straight- doesn’t matter.

    I love the message that the twins-and other people out there-are trying to
    convey about human rights and what they mean for people around the country.
    Gays are no different-i mean- if you saw Tegan and/or Sara walking down the
    street for the first time-would you know that they’re gay? No. I applaud
    them greatly for taking a stand.

  2. I’m glad they came out even if they thought that their career could be at
    risk. It just proves how important it is to them and i have complete
    respect for that and for them because they are great role models who really
    care about peoples happiness and health. 🙂

  3. I may never agree with being gay. But, I definitely agree with speaking
    your mind with no fear. You go Tegan and Sara.

  4. This is why i love them…they take the leap, and weed out the real fans
    from the close minded yuppies. Love it 5 stars


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